Baltimore County is home to nearly one million residents of the state of Maryland. It’s a very popular spot for those who work in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. But what else can is it a popular spot for? You guessed it- wild animals! When wildlife manages to find its way into your home, you need Baltimore County animal control services.

Baltimore County Animal Control Services

At Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, we know that not only are animals in your home unwanted, they can also be dangerous! Animals big and small can carry diseases and parasites with them, not to mention they could potentially cause you injury if you attempt to remove them yourself. Call on the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today!

Professional Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are stubborn little critters; once they decide to make your attic their nest, it can be very difficult to convince them otherwise. One of Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control’s top strategies is to install one-way doors over the entry points the squirrels are using so that they can get out but not back in again. Once that is done, we will seal off any entry points so that your pesky houseguests do not return.

Professional Raccoon Removal 

Most people are familiar with the fact that raccoons can carry very dangerous diseases like rabies. But they are also hosts to roundworms, parasites that can cause many problems in humans and pets alike if they come into contact with them. If raccoons start to make your basement their bathroom, you could be exposed to roundworms. Make sure to call Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control in the event of an infestation.

Professional Snake Removal

Cold-blooded snakes can’t get enough of the warmth of a home’s basement. But just because they are comfortable in your house doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable having them there! Even if the snakes in your house are non-venomous varieties, they can still cause potential harm to you and your family. Have a professional from Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control come to assess your situation if you find you have a snake in your home.

Service Areas in Baltimore County

Our Baltimore County animal control services include:

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We may see wild animals every day, but just because they are familiar doesn’t mean that they are predictable. To avoid facing a situation with a wild animal that you are unprepared for, call on the experts at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. We have the experience and know-how to tackle any animal infestation there is. When you need Baltimore County animal control services, contact Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control at 866.784.8058.