Solutions For Animal Control In Baltimore

Communities throughout Baltimore such as Cockeysville, Towson, Pikesville, and White Marsh are plagued with a variety of animal control problems. This is why there’s an increase in demand for animal control solutions in Baltimore County. During the spring animal control companies in Baltimore are busy removing birds from dryer vents, kitchen vents, and bathroom vents. Several different species of birds have taken to building their nest in vents that do not have a bird proof vent cover. These vents offer shelter from harsh weather and protection from predators. Spring is also the time of the year when groundhogs come out of hibernation. The juvenile groundhogs from last year’s litters will leave their mothers’ den to seek out their own territory and dig their own dens. Groundhog dens have between 2 and 5 holes on the surface of the ground that are up to 50 feet apart from each other. These holes lead to their main chamber underground. Groundhogs cleverly hide their entry holes under the crawl spaces of homes, under shrubs and under piles of wood. In April Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is flooded with calls from hundreds of homeowners wanting to know how to get rid of groundhogs. The photo below was taken at a home on Round Oak Road, Towson, Maryland 21204. This homeowner was surprised to find this groundhog on her top deck. Apparently, the groundhog had been climbing up 8 steps to feed on the flowers in a planter on the deck. It was also ripping open trash bags that the homeowner had put on the deck. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control humanly live-trapped this groundhog and filled in two holes to prevent other groundhogs from moving in.

Snakes are another critter in need of control as they emerge from their hibernation in the spring. Gartner Snakes are usually the first snake species to come out of hibernation. The Gartner Snake in the photo below was removed from the basement of a home on Oakdale Ave, Parkville, Maryland 21234 on March 2nd. After Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control removed the snake they sealed several entry points to prevent any other snakes from entering in the future. Snakes are not able to chew or dig so they can only enter a home through pre-existing holes. It is common for snakes to enter homes through holes that mice have chewed through.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s technicians are busy around the clock providing raccoon removal, squirrel removal, snake removal, bat removal, ground hog removal, mouse removal, and rat removal services in Baltimore. They also provide repair services for damages caused by wildlife. If you are in need of Baltimore County animal control services, give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 866-784-8058.