Are Squirrels the Cause of Your Leaky Roof?

Our wildlife removal technicians have recently performed this job that involved squirrel removal in Howard County. The homeowner didn’t realize he had a squirrel problem until he discovered a puddle of water on his living room floor during one of the recent rain storms. What does a water leak have to do with squirrels, you may ask? Well, in that case it had everything to do with squirrels.

How Squirrels Damage Your Roof

To an average homeowner, squirrels are probably known as cute, furry rodents that gather nuts, steal bird seed and occasionally refuse to move from your lane. But to us, they are known as animals with exceptionally strong teeth that can chew through most materials a typical home is made of. So if a squirrel is determined to get into your attic, there is little that can stop it. In many cases, squirrels chew holes in fascia boards to get inside you home. But sometimes, if they find some weak areas, they may chew through the roof deck, gables and other similar spots. In the situation we described above, a squirrel chewed a hole in a gable next to the chimney. This home has several roofs on different levels, and a chimney is installed in the transition spot against one of the gables. When the squirrel ripped the shingles and made a hole, it allowed for the water to get inside the attic during rain, which led to the ceiling leak. You can see on the photo below the kind of damage the squirrel caused and how our Maryland squirrel removal pros have repaired it.

What Can I Do to Stop Squirrels From Damaging My Roof?

Your best approach is prevention. Make sure your roof is in good shape and doesn’t have any gaps or loose parts that animals can easily pry open. Although this won’t stop some animals from attempting to enter your attic, at least your home won’t be an easy target. In addition to that, try not to attract squirrels to your property. In the fall, squirrels start gathering nuts and seeds to survive in winter. If you have nut-bearing trees or bird feeders in your back yard, you are a squirrel magnet. Squirrels stash their food in several different places, one of which could be your attic. Besides, it’s probably a way nicer and warmer place for spending the winter than a hollow tree. If you see squirrels jumping on your roof, consider it a warning sign. And if you suspect they may already be in your attic, give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call right away to stop any further damage. Call us or contact us online if you need help getting rid of nuisance wild animals.