3 Communities Around Baltimore Overpopulated With Squirrels

Baltimore communities like Cockeysville, Lutherville-Timonium and Towson provide a very suitable habitat for squirrels. These communities have streets lined with nut-producing trees. The majority of these trees are oaks which produce acorns, the gray squirrel’s favorite food. A healthy food source supports population growth allowing the females to have two litters of 2 to 6 young each year.

Lutherville-Timonium Squirrel Control

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has provided squirrel removal in Lutherville-Timonium for over a decade now. During our ten years of service to the community, we have reported a minimum of a 10% increase per year in the squirrel population. Besides the abundant food supply, there are trees everywhere in Lutherville-Timonium, which allows squirrels to travel high off the ground. All too often these trees are within 10 feet of a rooftop, giving squirrels easy access to the attic, crawl space or wall cavity.

Towson Squirrel Control

Towson is one of Baltimore’s oldest communities, so the homes are older and usually have wood around the roof line. There are several different styles of homes throughout Towson, including many townhouses. Squirrels can run through the soffit from one townhome to the next, creating a nightmare for Baltimore squirrel exterminators. The only way to resolve this type of squirrel problem is to set live-capture traps and remove the squirrels from the area. After the squirrels are trapped and removed, the entry points must be repaired to prevent future wildlife or pest control issues.

Cockeysville Squirrel Control

Cockeysville keeps a booming squirrel population because this is where suburbia meets the wilderness. There are trees on every residential road in Cockeysville, and most of the residential homes are single family style. There is a combination of old and new homes, however, squirrels do not choose homes by their age—they choose a home because they were able to access the rooftop and chew a hole into the attic space. Many homes around Cockeysville are brick or stone, which squirrels are able to climb like a tree. The photo below was taken on Hidden Moss Drive in Cockeysville. Before the three squirrels living in the attic were trapped, they managed to chew through electrical wiring in the attic causing a fire hazard for the family living there.

No matter what part of Baltimore you live in, squirrels can cause a great deal of damage. And the longer the squirrels live in your attic, the costlier it will be. It’s imperative to contact a licensed Baltimore squirrel removal company.