Bat in Glen Burnie, Maryland Test Positive for Rabies

Recently in Glen Burnie, Maryland the Anne Arundel County Department of Health reported that a bat found in Hidden Woods Apartments in the 400 block of Hidden Brook Drive, Glen Burnie Maryland tested positive for the rabies virus. Tenants of the apartment complex reported seeing the bat in the laundry room and a stairwell. Glen Burnie, Maryland officials said anyone who may have had physical contact with a bat or anyone who wakes up to find a bat flying around in the room with them or anyone who has discovered bats flying around in a room where there are small children should immediately contact the Anne Arundel County Department of Health at 410-222-7256 before 5pm or 443-481-3140 after 5pm. If you suspect that your pet may have had contact with the rabid bat contact Anne Arundel County Animal Control at 410- 222-8900 or visit them at 411 Maxwell Frye Rd, Millersville, MD 21108. Often humans come in contact with bats roosting in apartment complexes or bats roosting in childern’s playhouse or bats roosting in a tree house whichcan create a dangerous situation. Groups of bats called bat colonies roost in attics often. Bats enter attics through gaps in soffits or bats entering openings in vents that are not bat proof. The best way to protect your family from rabies exposure is to have an annual bat inspection performed by an Anne Arundel County Bat expert. If you would like to have a Glen Burnie Bat professional conduct a bat inspection call 443-417-3137. Not reporting a bat bite or exposure to a rabid bat can kill you. In 2012’ a 63 year old Massachusetts man died from rabies after being bitten by a rabid bat. Health officials confirmed that the man was infected with rabies by a Little Brown Bat which is one of the most populated species of bat in the United States. The 63 year old man did not even know he had been bitten by a bat and was ill the entire month before he died. Officials suspect that he was most likely bitten by a rabid Little Brown Bat while sleeping in his historical home. The man’s neighbors were shocked when they found out about the death and said, “We’ve all had our run-ins with bats, but I never knew that it could be so dangerous”. For more information about bat to human rabies cases visit or for more information about human rabies cases in the United States attributed to bat rabies visit.