Bat Removal in Parkville

A roost is the place that bats gather to sleep during the daytime when the sun is out. Different species of bats that are found in Parkville prefer to roost in different places. The Red Bat likes to roost in hollow trees and under tree bark while the Big Brown Bat and Little Brown Bat prefer to roost in man-made structures such as attics, crawl spaces, and behind shutters. Any pest control company that provides bat control in Parkville and bat removal in Parkville will attest that the majority of  the time they encounter the Big Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat roosting in homes and buildings. Even though there are a couple pest control companies that do bat removal in Parkville there is only one bat expert in Parkville and he is the owner of Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading pest control company in Parkville that provides expert bat removal in Parkville. Each Summer they receive hundreds of calls from homeowners across Baltimore County that have bats in the attic but half of the bat related calls coming from Parkville are for bats roosting behind shutters. Most of the homes were vinyl siding so there were gaps between the siding and the shutters that were big enough for bats to fit in. Last September was a busy month for bat control in Parkville and bat removal in Parkville. The photo below was taken at a home off of Bagley Ave. Parkville 21234. The homeowner was sweeping up bat droppings that piled up every day under the shutters and didn’t realize that there were bats roosting behind the shutters until a neighbor said he found bats behind his shutters too. Neither the homeowner or her neighbor knew how to get rid of bats. They decided to called the bat expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control in to do an inspection of both of their homes. During the inspection of the attic, soffits, and shutters the bat expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control found some bat droppings in the attic but no bats. Since the droppings were fresh they are most likely from the bats roosting behind the shutters. Bats will sometimes roost in different areas on a home to absorb the heat from the sun during cooler temperatures and to get away from the sun during hotter temperatures. Bat removal in Parkville and bat control in Parkville is not always as simple as it seems. Since the bats were not in the attic at the time the bat control expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was able to first sealed all of the entry points around the roof line to prevent the bats from getting back in. Then about a half hour before the sun fully set he removed the shutters off of the home which allows the bats to fly away. As you can see in the photo above a couple bats decided to hang around on the window screen but flew off after a few minutes. Once the bats had flew off he installed a material behind the edge of the shutters which prevents the bats from getting back in behind the shutters. The shutters look the same as they originally did because the exclusion material does not change there appearance. The bat control expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control designed this exclusion process  and thus far has a 100% success rate. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources created the laws and guidelines pertaining to bat eviction work. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources also issues licenses to any pest control company in Parkville that preforms bats removal in Parkville. If you have a bat problem and are in need of bat control in Parkville be sure to call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at 443-417-3137 and talk to a licensed bat control expert.