Bat Population Making a Huge Come Back in Owings Mills

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is receiving a record number of calls for bat removal in Owings Mills already this year despite that it’s still early in the spring. All of the calls have been for Little Brown Bats or Big Brown Bats roosting in the attic or voided openings between cathedral ceilings and roofs. Bat experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control believe the early bat activity is due to the abundance of mosquitos and other insects that lay their eggs in standing water. Standing water means water that does not flow or move like ponds or puddles of water that are on the ground or in containers in your backyard. The basic point is that the more rain we get the larger the mosquito population will be and Owings Mills has had record amounts of rain over the past year. With an excess food supply available and temperatures sustained about 45 degrees bats are energized and active. A homeowner off of Dolfield Blvd, Owings Mills 21117 has encountered multiple bats on separate occasions flying around in her home at night. When she discovered a bat flying around in the house the first time she thought the bat must have come through the door when her kidlet the dogs back in the house at night. Two days later she saw another bat flying around in the kitchen and this time she was starting to worry since she has lived in the house for 5 years and has never seen any bats in the house before. Again she opened the windows and let the bat fly out. The next night there were 3 bats at the same time flying around in the house. At this point, the homeowner knew she needed help because she did not know what to do or how to get rid of bats. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control came out the next morning and performed an inspection of the roof and attic to determine where the bats were entering the home. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control found one entry point under the drip edge above the fascia board that the bats were using to enter the rooftop. This led the bats to avoided the area between a cathedral ceiling and the roof. Once inside the bats entered the living room through a gap where the light fixture comes out of the ceiling. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control also found several other potential entry points that needed to seal up before bats started to use them as well. To make sure that all the bats could get out the technician installed a one-way door that allows bats to exit but not re-enter. The one-way door is left in place for a week and then it is removed and that final opening is sealed to prevent any bats from entering in the future. Below is a photo of the gap above the fascia board that the bats were using to enter this home. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading bat control expert in Owings Mills. They know how to keep bats out of an attic for good. If you see a bat in your house give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct].