Bat Removal for Potomac Residents

The Potomac area is a quaint residential and commercial area found in Montgomery County, Maryland. While this area is perfect for owning a home, it is also the perfect home for bats. Because of the increasing population of bats in the Potomac area, residents are finding the need for bat removal services. As the weather continues to grow colder, bats will continue to search for places to take shelter. The Potomac area still provides some natural shelter for bats, but also provides plenty of residential homes for bats to use for shelter as well. Bats tend to enter your Potomac home through openings they find along your siding, in your roof tiles, and in your basement. They can also use vent and chimney openings to enter your home to roost. When you begin to hear activity coming from areas of your home, you are more than likely hosting an uninvited bat. While some Potomac residents may not see the bats as a threat, they should be looking for bat removal services. Bat guano can harbor plenty of parasites and diseases along with the bats themselves. Bats are known carriers of rabies along with hosting bed bugs and bat bugs. Should a bat spend time within your home, you are allowing these harmful parasites and diseases to be spread throughout your Potomac home. Bats can also carry other diseases that may seem harmless to humans, but can be deadly to domestic pets. Bat activity as they enter and leave your home can also cause damage to the stricture and foundation of your home while dead bats stuck in chimneys or vents can cause other health hazards. When you find evidence of bats in your attic or any other area of your home, don’t panic. Simply pick up the phone and call Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians use only the most humane techniques to remove bats from your home as well as preventing their entry in the future. We are available at any hour, all seven days of the week, so never hesitate to call when you have a bat problem in your Potomac home. Our technicians will be able to effectively locate the bat in question and remove the animal without causing further damage to your home or the bat itself. To contact a professional from Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, call us at 443.417.3137 or click here for our contact page. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest today!