Bat Removal in Takoma Park

If you live in Takoma Park, you may find that you aren’t living alone. Bats can easily find their way into your home and establish their roosting sites there. It is important, when dealing with bats in homes, to recognize the great risk they pose to you and your family’s health and that calling a bat control and removal expert is your best course of action to take.

How do bats get in to your home?

Like any wild animal, bats look for a certain kind of environment in which to nest. Your attic provides an ideal spot for bats: it is dark, contained, and resembles the caves and hollow trees that they typically prefer. Vent covers, loose shingles and sidings, chimneys, flues, and attic rooflines all provide points of entry for bats to find their way in to your home.

What diseases and parasites are associated with bats?

Bat removal and bat control is so important because bats carry with them a number of harmful diseases. Chief among these is rabies; a bite from a rabid bat could easily infect a human, and untreated rabies can lead to death within a week of the bite occurring. Another disease associated with bats is histoplasmosis, a lung disease that can be spread through fungus in bat guano. As far as parasites are concerned, bats carry both bat bugs and bed bugs, which bite and feed on blood. If you discover that there are bats in your home, then the safest thing to do to avoid injury or disease is to call a bat removal expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our team can safely identify bat roosting sites, remove all bats, and clean the infested area so that you and your family are no longer at any health risk.

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