Why Doesn’t Gaithersburg Offer Free Bird Removal Services?

Bird removal companies in Gaithersburg like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receive an average of 30 calls each day from Gaithersburg residents that have invasive bird problems. Several of those calls are from homeowners that are upset because they have to pay for birds to be removed from their bathroom exhaust vent or from under their porch. Many property owners call and say “well, this isn’t my bird so why do I have to pay to have it removed” however property owners have to pay Gaithersburg pest control companies when they find roaches, ants, or mice in their home so the same applies for bird removal. Gaithersburg property owners even have to pay for bird removal or bird control when birds decide to roost or build a nest on the outside of a home such as a porch. A homeowner off of Clopper Road Gaithersburg 20878 has been continuously battling birds on her front porch. When this problem started two years ago the homeowner first called Gaithersburg animal control thinking they would come to her home and catch the birds that were building a nest under the roof of her front porch but animal control explained to her that bird removal or bird control of any kind is performed by private wildlife control companies that are licensed by the state. The homeowner called an exterminator who installed bird spikes in an attempted to stop the birds from nesting and roosting under the roof of the front porch. Bird spikes work well when trying to prevent large birds like crows from roosting in an area however they do not work for smaller birds like House Sparrows which are the species of bird that has been roosting and nesting on this homeowner’s front porch. The bird spikes help hold the House Sparrow’s nesting materials in place so the exterminator actually attracted more birds to the homeowner’s front porch.

As you can see in the photo above a House Sparrow is perched on top of the spikes. In the photo below you can see that a House Sparrow built its nest on top of the spikes because the spike help to hold the nesting material in place.

At this point, the homeowner was frustrated and ready to surrender until she saw Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at her neighbor’s home getting birds out of a bathroom exhaust vent and installing a birdproof vent cover. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control explained to the homeowner that the bird spikes only work for larger species of birds and the best bird control product to use in her situation was bird netting. Bird netting is almost invisible to the human eye when installed properly, in fact, many museums, schools, public buildings, government buildings, parking garages, and shopping centers have bird netting installed to prevent birds from nesting and roosting in sensitive areas. Even the capital building has bird netting on the entire outside of the building to protect the marble and granite from birds. Don’t call a Gaithersburg exterminator for birds, instead, call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control and talk to a bird control expert at [Direct].