Birds Take Over Silver Spring Neighborhood

Since the beginning of March bird removal companies in Silver Spring like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control have been receiving calls from homeowners with invasive bird problems. The most common call is from homeowners with House Sparrows and Starlings building a nest in bathroom vents, dryer vents, and kitchen vents. These species of birds are called cavity birds meaning they prefer to build their nest in cavities in trees and cavities in man-made structures. Exhaust vents for bathrooms, dryers, and kitchens are the perfect shape and size for these birds to nest in. Other invasive birds like Grackles and Pigeons build nests in attics and under porch roofs. Last week 8 homeowners on Woodside Pkwy, Woodland Drive, and Grace Church Rd, in Silver Spring 20910 contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for bird removal services, and three more are scheduled in the next three days. Two of the homeowners had birds building a nest in multiple vents. Ms. Lee on Dale Drive, Silver Spring 20910 had fascia boards that were rotting and literally falling off of her home. As you can see in the photo below birds had easy access to her attic through the long gap in the fascia of her roofline. This gap extended half the length of her roofline. Unfortunately, the fascia board must have been missing for a few years because there was an extreme amount of nesting materials and bird feces throughout the attic.

Technicians from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control know how to get birds out of an attic quickly. Lucky for the technicians and the birds it was too early for baby birds or for the adult birds to lay their eggs. After all the birds were humanely evicted from the attic Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control installed new fascia boards and gutters to ensure no other birds will get in. Another neighbor a block away had birds nesting in both his dryer vent and upstairs bathroom vent. Again there were no babies or eggs yet but unfortunately, this homeowner was smelling a foul odor in his bathroom because the exhaust vent pipe was detached in the ceiling and the adult birds became trapped and died. Instead of ripping down the bathroom ceiling a technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control removed the exhaust fan and was able to grab the dead birds. Once the nesting material was removed bird proof vent covers were installed to stop any invasive birds from doing this again in the future. If you have a bird in a vent or in the attic call the top pest control company in Silver Spring that has expert knowledge and superior skills to solve all of your wildlife control problems. An expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control [DirectNumber] is ready to help.