Birds Building Nest in Vents Throughout Westminster

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has received more calls for bird removal in Westminster so far this spring than any other year. Hundreds of Westminster homeowners have discovered that birds have built a nest in their bathroom vent, dryer vent, kitchen vent, gable vent, or soffit vent. Some of these cases are more difficult than others to resolve especially when the exhaust duct pipe is completely blocked with nesting materials and the forced air is no longer able to flow to the outside. An exhaust duct pipe that’s blocked with dried grass, small twigs, dried leaves, and bits of trash is a fire hazard and it can also cause the exhaust fan motor to overheat and burn up. If you don’t know how to get rid of birds then you should probably call a professional bird control company that services Westminster. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has provided expert bird removal services for Westminster and surrounding areas for over a decade. They have encountered every bird control scenario known to man yet they occasionally run into a complicated situation that requires unique techniques to resolve. One such situation occurred last week off of New Windsor Road, Westminster 21157. The homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to report that she was constantly hearing birds in the exterior wall whenever she would sit in her office. A technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived two hours later and conducted an inspection. Upon inspection, the technician discovered that there was a dryer vent on the exterior wall where the homeowner’s office is. The homeowner had just moved in a month earlier and did not know that the previous homeowner had moved the laundry room to the basement and put an office where the laundry room was on the second floor. When the previous homeowner changed the laundry room into an office he sheetrocked over the dryer vent opening on the inside but did not close off or remove the dryer vent on the outside. This meant that birds still had access to the dryer vent opening on the second floor from the outside and that the birds had entered the exterior vent and built a nest in the wall. This explains why the current homeowner was hearing birds whenever she was in the office.

Since there were no eggs in the nest yet Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control evicted the adult birds, removed the nesting materials, removed the vent on the exterior, and installed a faceplate to prevent any other birds from entering the wall cavity again. If you are in need of bird control in Westminster call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [Direct] and talk to an expert that knows how to get birds out of a vent or attic or porch or any other part of your home.