7 Signs of Birds in the Attic Every Homeowner Should Know

7 Signs of Birds in the Attic Every Homeowner Should Know

As you’re exploring signs of birds in the attic, it’s vital to consider why they’re there in the first place.

For you and your family, home is a place of comfort and safety. It’s warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your home protects you from the rain and the world outside. However, birds may find your home equally inviting as they look for a place to next safe from predators and storms.

It’s hard not to sympathize with them. That said, birds do not belong in the attic because they will spread disease, destroy the structure, make noise, and attract other pests into the home. There are a variety of things you need to look for if you’re wondering about signs of birds in the attic.

1. You Hear Sounds

You may hear scratching and shuffling or the sounds of wings flapping. Depending on what kinds of birds have taken up roost, you may listen to chirps, coos, screeches, or even singing.

Depending on the amount of insulation you have in the attic, these sounds may seem very faint. However, even if you can barely hear them, they could be up there. As a result, they’re destroying the value of your home.

2. You and Your Pets Are Getting Itchy

Birds are notorious for harboring lice and mites. These critters infest not only the birds’ bodies but also their nesting area. For these creatures, birds are tasty. With time, the pest population grows. Eventually, those mites will seek out new sources of food. These sources may include you, your family, and any pets who don’t have flea and tick protection.

3. Little Red Bumps

Often mites stay out of sight. They bite, eat, and then scurry away. Alternatively, they may drop off onto the floor where you’ll never find them. If you have tiny red bumps appearing on your skin, a bird infestation may not be your first thought.

However, mites rarely take over a home without a source of food, making this something you should watch for if you’re looking for signs of birds in the attic.

4. Respiratory Problems

In confined spaces, birds produce waste that is unhealthy to breathe in. This waste can seep into your ductwork or through crevices and contribute to worsening asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory conditions. Additionally, if you’re allergic to animal dander from cats and dogs, you may find you experience similar discomfort from living with a bird infestation.

5. Holes in the Roof

Many birds that nest in houses are tiny like:

  • Wrens
  • Sparrows
  • Finches
  • Martins

You might also attract larger birds like starlings and owls as well as everyone’s favorite flying rodents, bats.

These creatures often enter through the smallest of spaces. However, once they find that entry, they can make use of it. Have an expert inspect your roof, attic windows, and attic venting for signs of birds in the attic.

6. Concentrated Feces

You might also note feces, feathers, and dropped nesting materials focused around an entryway that the birds have discovered. These clues are one of the outside signs of birds in the attic.

7. Nesting Materials

If you’ve noted the above signs of birds in the attic, you should not go up there. If you did, you’d likely find nesting materials and possibly people-sized communal nests that house hundreds of birds.

You might also see mounts of feces under the nests. Concentrated bird or bat feces are not safe to breathe.

What to Do If You Have Signs of Birds in Attic

Our Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control team comes prepared in protective gear to check for signs of birds or other pests in the attic.

We understand that having uninvited animals in your home is always an animal removal emergency. When we receive your call, we quickly mobilize to assess the situation and plan the removal. Our team may be able to do it the same day.

We offer humane live-trapping services and removal. Moreover, we can secure your attic to prevent attic re-entry in our many Maryland region services areas:

If you suspect a bird infestation, call the professionals at Mid-Atlantic at [Direct] to schedule an appointment.

Why Doesn’t Gaithersburg Offer Free Bird Removal Services?

Why Doesn’t Gaithersburg Offer Free Bird Removal Services?

Bird removal companies in Gaithersburg like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receive an average of 30 calls each day from Gaithersburg residents that have invasive bird problems. Several of those calls are from homeowners that are upset because they have to pay for birds to be removed from their bathroom exhaust vent or from under their porch. Many property owners call and say “well, this isn’t my bird so why do I have to pay to have it removed” however property owners have to pay Gaithersburg pest control companies when they find roaches, ants or mice in their home so the same applies for bird removal. Gaithersburg property owners even have to pay for bird removal or bird control when birds decide to roost or build a nest on the outside of a home such as a porch. A homeowner off of Clopper Road Gaithersburg 20878 has been continuously battling birds on her front porch. When this problem started two years ago the homeowner first called Gaithersburg animal control thinking they would come to her home and catch the birds that were building a nest under the roof of her front porch but animal control explained to her that bird removal or bird control of any kind is performed by private wildlife control companies that are licensed by the state. The homeowner called an exterminator who installed bird spikes in attempted to stop the birds from nesting and roosting under the roof of the front porch. Bird spikes work well when trying to prevent large birds like crows from roosting in an area however they do not work for smaller birds like House Sparrows which is the species of bird that has been roosting and nesting on this homeowner’s front porch. The bird spikes help hold the House Sparrows nesting materials in place so the exterminator actually attracted more birds to the homeowner’s front porch.

As you can see in the photo above a House Sparrow is perched on top of the spikes. In the photo below you can see that a House Sparrow built its nest on top of the spikes because the spike help to hold the nesting material in place.

At this point, the homeowner was frustrated and ready to surrender until she saw Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at her neighbor’s home getting birds out of a bathroom exhaust vent and installing a bird proof vent cover. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control explained to the homeowner that the bird spikes only work for larger species of birds and the best bird control product to use in her situation was bird netting. Bird netting is almost invisible to the human eye when installed properly, in fact, many museums, schools, public buildings, government buildings, parking garages, and shopping centers have bird netting installed to prevent birds from nesting and roosting in sensitive areas. Even the capital building has bird netting on the entire outside of the building to protect the marble and granite from birds. Don’t call a Gaithersburg exterminator for birds, instead, call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control and talk to a bird control expert at [Direct].

Birds Building Nest in Vents Throughout Westminster

Birds Building Nest in Vents Throughout Westminster

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has received more calls for bird removal in Westminster so far this spring than any other year. Hundreds of Westminster homeowners have discovered that birds have built a nest in their bathroom vent, dryer vent, kitchen vent, gable vent or soffit vent. Some of these cases are more difficult than others to resolve especially when the exhaust duct pipe is completely blocked with nesting materials and the forced air is no longer able to flow to the outside. An exhaust duct pipe that’s blocked with dried grass, small twigs, dried leaves, and bits of trash is a fire hazard and it can also cause the exhaust fan motor to overheat and burn up. If you don’t know how to get rid of birds then you should probably call a professional bird control company that services Westminster. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has provided expert bird removal services for Westminster and surrounding areas for over a decade. They have encountered every bird control scenario known to man yet they occasionally run into a complicated situation that requires unique techniques to resolve. One such situation occurred last week off of New Windsor Road, Westminster 21157. The homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to report that she was constantly hearing birds in the exterior wall whenever she would sit in her office. A technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived two hours later and conducted an inspection. Upon inspection, the technician discovered that there was a dryer vent on the exterior wall where the homeowner’s office is. The homeowner had just moved in a month earlier and did not know that the previous homeowner had moved the laundry room to the basement and put an office where the laundry room was on the second floor. When the previous homeowner changed the laundry room into an office he sheetrocked over the dryer vent opening on the inside but did not close off or remove the dryer vent on the outside. This meant that birds still had access to the dryer vent opening on the second floor from the outside and that the birds had entered the exterior vent and built a nest in the wall. This explains why the current homeowner was hearing birds whenever she was in the office.

Since there were no eggs in the nest yet Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control evicted the adult birds, removed the nesting materials, removed the vent on the exterior and installed a face plate to prevent any other birds from entering the wall cavity again. If you are in need of bird control in Westminster call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [Direct] and talk to an expert that knows how to get birds out of a vent or attic or porch or any other part of your home.

Owings Mills Residents Need Help Evicting Birds

Owings Mills Residents Need Help Evicting Birds

Most homeowners in Owings Mills don’t know how to get birds out of a vent because it’s not so simple. First of all, most of the vents birds build a nest in are on the second floor of a home. Bathroom vents and dryer vents on the second floor are the most commonly used by birds. Some homeowners don’t realize birds are nesting in their exhaust vent for a couple of seasons until the bird feces builds up in the vent and creates a horrible odor in the house. Some homeowners discover birds nesting in their bathroom, dryer or kitchen vent when the wretched stench of decay overwhelms them in the house caused by dead baby birds. Some homeowners hear baby birds in the house and realize birds have built a nest in the exhaust vent. No matter how a homeowner finds out that birds are nesting in their vent it must be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further costly damages. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the busiest bird removal company in Owings Mills. March was the beginning of their bird removal from vents season but April and May are the busiest months. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receives over 40 calls a week in Owings Mills alone from homeowners that have birds building nest in one of their exhaust vents. Bird control technicians at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control humanly evict the adult birds and remove the nest of eggs or babies to a nearby tree if possible so the adults can continue to raise their young. Once the birds are out of the vent the technicians remove all the nesting materials and spray a sanitizer. The final step is to install a bird proof vent cover so no other birds can enter the vent. All to often when a bird is evicted from a vent in one home they will move to a neighboring home’s vent and build a nest. So if you are having birds removed from your vent you may want to let your neighbors know so they can have a bird proof vent cover installed before any birds start to build a nest in their vents. This happened to a neighbor off of Caves Road, Owings Mills 21117. A neighbor had Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control evict birds from a bathroom vent and install bird proof vent covers on six exhaust vents including the dryer and bathroom vents in the photo below. These bird proof vent covers will prevent the birds from building a nest in all the vents on the home. Unfortunately the next morning the birds moved over to the neighbor’s home and built their nest in one day.

If you want to know how to stop birds from building a nest in a vent call Owings Mills leading bird control company. A bird expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is ready to help you. Call [Direct] anytime.

Birds Take Over Silver Spring Neighborhood

Birds Take Over Silver Spring Neighborhood

Since the beginning of March bird removal companies in Silver Spring like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control have been receiving calls from homeowners with invasive bird problems. The most common call is from homeowners with House Sparrows and Starlings building a nest in bathroom vents, dryer vents, and kitchen vents. These species of birds are called cavity birds meaning they prefer to build their nest in cavities in trees and cavities in man-made structures. Exhaust vents for bathrooms, dryers, and kitchens are the perfect shape and size for these birds to nest in. Other invasive birds like Grackles and Pigeons building nest in attics and under porch roofs. Last week 8 homeowners on Woodside Pkwy, Woodland Drive, and Grace Church Rd, in Silver Spring 20910 contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for bird removal services and three more are scheduled in the next three days. Two of the homeowners had birds building a nest in multiple vents. Ms. Lee on Dale Drive, Silver Spring 20910 had fascia boards that were rotting and literally falling off of her home. As you can see in the photo below birds had easy access to her attic through the long gap in the fascia of her roofline. This gap extended half the length of her roofline. Unfortunately, the fascia board must have been missing for a few years because there was an extreme amount of nesting materials and bird feces throughout the attic.

Technicians from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control know how to get birds out of an attic quick. Lucky for the technicians and the birds it was too early for baby birds or for the adult birds to lay their eggs. After all the birds were humanely evicted from the attic Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control installed new fascia boards and gutters to ensure no other birds will get in. Another neighbor a block away had birds nesting in both his dryer vent and upstairs bathroom vent. Again there were no babies or eggs yet but unfortunately, this homeowner was smelling a foul odor in his bathroom because the exhaust vent pipe was detached in the ceiling and the adult birds became trapped and died. Instead of ripping down the bathroom ceiling a technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control removed the exhaust fan and was able to grab the dead birds. Once the nesting material was removed bird proof vent covers were installed to stop any invasive birds from doing this again in the future. If you have a bird in a vent or in the attic call the top pest control company in Silver Spring that has expert knowledge and superior skills to solve all of your wildlife control problems. An expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control [DirectNumber] is ready to help.

Howard County Homeowner Traumatized By Invasive Birds

Howard County Homeowner Traumatized By Invasive Birds

Birds can quickly turn from majestic fairytale like animals that are amazing to observe into nuisance pests that cause American property owners billions of dollars in damage each year. A Howard County homeowner has been watching many different species of birds for many years enjoy the bird houses he put up in his yard and the bird feeders he keeps filled with seed each day. The homeowner never suspected that the birds he was loyally feeding would invade his home and cause a couple thousand dollars in damages. The son of Mr. Chavez on Howes Lane in Columbia was visiting one Saturday afternoon and noticed a foul odor in the home. He searched everywhere for the source of the odor but found nothing so he called several different companies and government agencies seeking advice. After talking to a few people he was convinced that an animal must have dead in the walls. At the recommendation of Howard County Animal Control he call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who specializes in dead animal removal. When the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived he know right away that the odor was a combination of dead birds and bird feces. The bathroom vents, kitchen vents and dryer vents were the first places the technician inspected. He discovered a terrible mess in the first floor bathroom vent. The vent pipe had come unattached from the exhaust fan housing and the birds were nesting on top of the bathroom ceiling around the exhaust vent. Several baby birds had died and the smell from the dead birds and bird feces was overwhelming.

The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control wanted to be thorough so he inspected the other vents and the attic. He found birds nesting in one more bathroom vent but the real shocker was the amount of bird feces he found in the attic. It appeared that birds must have been nesting in the attic for many years and the floor of the attic was covered with bird feces, dead birds, and nesting materials. Technicians from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control spent two day removing all of the insulation from the attic that was covered with bird feces, dead birds and nesting material. After the insulation was bagged up and removed the technicians went over the entire attic with a vacuum to suck up as many mites and lice as possible then they used an environmentally friendly sanitizer. The gable vent in the attic was repaired to prevent birds from getting back in the attic. Not every wildlife control company in Howard County knows how to remove nesting materials from above ceilings without cutting down the entire ceiling. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control tries their best to minimize the expenses brought on by bird damages so they only make small openings when possible. Industrial strength vacuums are inserted into the small openings to suck out the nesting materials and bird feces. Bird proof vent covers were installed on all the bathroom, kitchen and dryer vents to prevent future bird problems. If you are looking for an experienced bird removal company in Howard County call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [DirectNumber]. They are the most trusted local provider for bird control services, deterrents, and cleanup in Howard County. Our professional staff will help you discover what option is best for your needs.