What to Do If You Find Squirrel Damage to Your Roof

What to Do If You Find Squirrel Damage to Your Roof

Oh, watch as they jump effortlessly from limb to limb, or delight as those fuzzy little tree rodents play hide-and-seek around the broad trunk of an old oak tree. Maybe you’ll even catch one burying acorns in your front yard, saving it for later. Whatever the activity, squirrels can be fascinating creatures to watch. So carefree, yet diligent; it’s hard not to enjoy the sight of them. However, as cute as they might be in a tree, they can cause significant squirrel damage to your roof and attic.

Here are the do’s and don’t’s if you suspect that squirrels are causing home damage.

1. Don’t Start Sealing Holes

Once you notice the squirrels, you may decide to take a closer look. That may lead you to a cracked window on the attic, a bent vent, or an actual hole gnawed under a gutter.

Your first thought may be to seal it up. But if you have squirrels, that may backfire.

You may end up trapping a squirrel up in your attic or preventing a mother squirrel from getting back to her young inside your home.

Can you imagine how much damage either of these squirrels will cause when trying to get to the other side? Always make sure you get rid of the squirrels inside before sealing a hole. If you’re unsure if you have animals in your home, get it checked out before closing off a possible entry point for wildlife. Otherwise, you could end up regretting it.

2. Do Check for Nibbled Wires

Squirrels are rodents, and rodents often chew on wires and whatever else may be in the area while nesting and causing other squirrel damage to your roof. Once shocked, they may have abandoned the activity. However, that still leaves a wire exposed. This exposed wire may cause a shock or fire hazard. So, have a professional inspect the cables to ensure they’re safe.

3. Do Remove Soiled Insulation

Roll insulation should not be shredded and inhaled. Therefore, if squirrels have wreaked havoc on it, destroyed it, and left behind droppings, it’s best to replace that insulation once the squirrels leave the area.

4. Don’t Wait to Address Squirrel Damage

If you have squirrel damage to your roof, chances are you still have active squirrels. Call a squirrel removal professional for prompt relocation of invading squirrels. The longer you wait, the more damage they do.

That may impact your home value or put you at fire risk.

5. Do Clean Up Debris

Squirrels may bring all kinds of twigs and leaves into your home to build nests. These nests often harbor mites, and they could be a fire hazard. So once you have the squirrels removed, make sure you clean up the debris as well.

6. Do Look for Other Entry Points and Seal Holes

This tip doesn’t contradict the first don’t above. Once the squirrels are gone, thoroughly inspect the space to ensure they don’t have other ways to get into your roof.

7. Do Work with a Compassionate Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels are only looking for a safe place to nest and care for their young. Unfortunately, they do so much squirrel damage to your roof; otherwise, we’re confident you’d try to co-exist.

So do work with a live-capture squirrel trapping service who can remove the squirrels humanely.

Squirrel Damage to Your Roof? We Can Help

If you suspect that squirrels are damaging your roof, do call professionals to come out and take a look. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, our team of skilled live-animal removers can get rid of living (and any dead) squirrels in your home. Then, they can help you develop an action plan to prevent further squirrel entry.

We understand that every minute animals are allowed to continue to infiltrate your home can cause significant damage. And we work to quickly, yet humanely resolve the infestation.

We serve greater Maryland areas like:

Do you suspect squirrels or other animals are damaging your roof or home? Are wild animals like foxes or boars entering your yard and putting your family at risk? Call us at [Direct] to schedule an animal removal appointment.

The Four Types of Maryland Squirrels

The Four Types of Maryland Squirrels

Squirrels are great to watch; they are one of the more curious and agile Maryland rodents. They sometimes entertain us with aerial displays and acrobats while trying to get to a bird feeder. Despite how much fun squirrels might seem, they can cause homeowners a lot of grief. They are oftentimes found nesting in attics and can get into your home through the ventilation system and vents. There are four types of Maryland squirrels, they all have special characteristics, however, they can all do the same amount of damage. If a squirrel finds its way into your home it is best to call for squirrel removal services as soon as possible.

Gray Squirrel

The gray is the most common squirrel in Maryland, it can be found anywhere with trees. As the name would suggest, this squirrel is known for its gray coloring. Its gray colored fur provides it excellent camouflage in the woods of Maryland and the eastern coastline. They have classic squirrel tails that are large and bushy. They most often nest in White Oak, American Beech, Elm, and maple trees.

Red Squirrel

Also referred to as pine squirrels, the red squirrel is less common in Maryland and prefers to nest in evergreen pine trees. The red squirrel has a thick coat of reddish to brown fur, you will come across them more commonly in Western Maryland. These squirrels are territorial and aggressive.

Fox Squirrel

There are two types of fox squirrels found in Maryland, the Eastern and the Delmarva. Fox squirrels are larger and stockier than what we are accustomed to seeing and can be confused for a small groundhog. The Eastern variety is most commonly found in the Western regions of Maryland while the Delmarva is found throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and into Pennsylvania. These squirrels prefer mixed forests that are abundant in all types of trees and most commonly nest in mature oaks.

Southern Flying Squirrel

You heard right, Maryland has flying squirrels. They are actually very common but are rarely seen because they are nocturnal. You can often hear them during the night and may confuse their calls for an owl or bird. Contrary to the name, flying squirrels do not fly, rather they glide from tree to tree using flaps of skin between their front and hind legs.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

Squirrels are small and can get in through many small openings in your home, some that you may not be aware of. In addition to squirrel removal, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control offers removal services for other animals that you may find in your home. These include:

No matter what type of squirrel is causing your home or property damages, we can handle it and remove squirrels permanently. Through inspection, exclusion, removal, repair and further squirrel proofing, our methods are sound and effective. Contact us today to discuss your squirrel removal. We are always here to help and are just a phone call away. Call [Direct] today.

Squirrel Trapping Services in Baltimore

Squirrel Trapping Services in Baltimore

The squirrel population throughout every community in Baltimore County is booming! Pest control companies in Baltimore are working overtime in attempt to keep up with the calls coming in. Squirrel exterminators in Owings Mills, Lutherville, and Timonium say that female squirrels have had a second litter this year due to a healthy harvest of nuts this year. Despite that many of the larger pest control companies are now offering squirrel trapping services in Baltimore most resident are sticking with companies that specialize in animal control services. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has been the top rated squirrel control company in Baltimore for two decades. County operated animal control services only handles calls for domestic animals which forces residence to call pest control companies in Baltimore. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receives hundreds of calls every week from residents hearing scratching noises coming from the attic. Squirrel exterminators at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control report most of the calls are coming from residence with townhouses. A homeowner off of Scarlett Drive, Towson, Maryland 21286 was awaken at 4:30am by loud scratching noises coming from the attic. She opened her eyes to discover that a squirrel had scratched a hole the size of a quarter through the bedroom ceiling. She called several pest control companies in Baltimore who would not respond to a squirrel emergency call. After calling Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a squirrel exterminator was on site within an hour. Lucky for the homeowner the squirrel stopped digging the hole in the ceiling and the squirrel exterminator was quick to patch the hole in the ceiling and install a one-way door on the exterior entry point. If you hear scratching noises in the attic or an animal running around in the attic there is a good chance its a squirrel. Call the top rated pest control company in Baltimore at 443-417-3137 for all your squirrel trapping services in Baltimore. An expert squirrel exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the solution to all of your animal control services.

Squirrel Trapping in Reisterstown

Squirrel Trapping in Reisterstown

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is not your every day average pest control company in Reisterstown. They are the top rate company for animal control services in Reisterstown. Their squirrel exterminators have many years of experience providing expert squirrel trapping in Reisterstown. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has a team of high end exterior carpenters that specialize in squirrel damage repairs. During years when squirrels have two litters Reisterstown residence suffer far more damage to their homes from squirrels chewing holes around the roof top to access attics. According to several pest control companies in Reisterstown squirrel exterminators are overwhelmed with emergency calls. It seems that squirrel trapping in Reisterstown is in high demand at this time. It’s been dry this summer but last summer we received a lot of rain. This caused the nut trees to produce an abundant harvest this year. With such an excess of food female squirrels were able to give birth to a second little this year. The female squirrel in the photo below was trapped at a home off of Bond Ave, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136. This squirrel built a nest in the soffit of the attic where she gave birth to two babies. Below is a photo of the two baby squirrels.


These squirrels are only a week old. As you can see in the photo the mother squirrel chewed on the electrical wiring that’s hanging above the nest. Squirrels and other rodents commonly chew on electrical wire which creates a fire hazard for the people and pets living in the home. The squirrel exterminator from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control relocated the mother squirrel and her babies to a more appropriate area. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the only pest control company in Reisterstown that uses humane methods as part of their animal control services in Reisterstown. You may have a squirrel problem if you hear noises in the attic. The longer you wait to call a pest control company in Reisterstown that specializes in squirrel control the more damage will be done. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s squirrel exterminators will install one-way doors and live capture traps to quickly resolve your squirrel problem. The entry points and damages caused by the squirrels will be repair once the squirrels have been trapped and removed. Give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 443-417-3137 to discuss our animal control services in Reisterstown.

Squirrel Trapping in Westminster

Squirrel Trapping in Westminster

Pest control companies in Westminster don’t know how to get rid of squirrels. They usually call in an animal control company like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to take care of invasive squirrel problems. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has provided squirrel trapping services in Westminster Maryland for the past 15 years. Their squirrel control technicians use the expert knowledge and skills they have developed over many years to provide superior squirrel control in Westminster. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control also has master carpenters that are experts when it comes to keeping squirrels from re-entering a home. A homeowner off of  Woodside Drive, Westminster 21157 had squirrels living in their attic. This homeowner hired a pest control company in Westminster that claimed they knew how to get rid of squirrels. Unfortunately for the homeowner this pest control company sealed the squirrels inside of the attic. The squirrels dug a hole through the bedroom ceiling and entered the master bedroom. Under the advisement of a neighbor who is an animal control officer the homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. Within an hour the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control that performs squirrel trapping in Westminster removed the squirrel in the bedroom. The squirrel control technician also discovered that the squirrel in the bedroom was a nursing mother. Realizing that the squirrel was a nursing mother the technician conducted an inspection of the attic. During the inspection he located three juvenile squirrels about 5 weeks old. After removing the mother squirrel and her young the technician was able to relocate the squirrel family to a more appropriate area. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s squirrel damage carpenter repaired the damages to prevent other squirrels from entering. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the premier authority for squirrel trapping in Westminster. If you want to know how to get rid of squirrels and keep them out give us a call at 443-417-3137. Our animal control services are far superior to any offered by pest control companies in Westminster.