Dealing with Skunks in Kensington

What’s that smell? If you’re the unlucky homeowner with a skunk on your property, then you might notice the sulfur-like odor that skunks secrete to protect themselves against predators. But you’re not a predator, you just want your home back to yourself! So how can you safely remove skunks from your Kensington home? With the effective skunk control methods from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. While most people can identify a skunk by the smell, skunks can also cause other damages to your home that necessitate skunk removal. Skunks burrow and live in dens in the wild; in and around your home, skunks might choose to burrow under crawl spaces and decks, or they could simply dig up your yard. No matter where the skunk is living, if it’s near your home, it’s too close.

Skunk trapping and removal

The most effective way to deal with skunks is through live skunk trapping. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s team of professionals can set multiple traps near the points of entry and skunk den sites around your home so that the animals can be captured. We specialize in traps that safely contain skunks until they can be released back into their natural habitat, sufficiently far from your home. Once the existing skunks have been removed, then the process of skunk exclusion can begin, Exclusion is a kind of skunk control that prevents the skunks from re-entering the formerly weak points in your home; skunk-proof exclusion barriers can block off those same crawl spaces and areas under decks that were once home to a skunk. Are you looking for a way to safely, humanely remove skunks from your Kensington home? Call the skunk control experts from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today to speak to one of our specialists.

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