What are My Options for Deer Control

It is not unusual for homeowners who live in areas close to the natural habitat of deer to spot a deer in their yards. In most cases, the absence of coyotes, wolves, and similar predators is one of the reasons why deer start to multiply so intensively and start entering our properties. At the same time, lack of food forces deer out of their wild habitat to populated areas. Homeowners may be thrilled to see a deer in their yard and usually take photos and videos of it. But, the truth is that once deer discover your yard and taste the trees and shrubs in it, they will come back for more after a while. There is no doubt that their regular presence will cause significant damage to your yard. This is the reason why many people are looking for the best options for deer control. The good news is that there is more than one effective way to prevent deer from entering your property and it is up to homeowners to choose the best one. In this article, we will suggest some of these options. First of all, you can buy a dog. According to many homeowners, this is the most efficient deer repellent. Deer are scared of dogs regardless of their breed. So, just let your dog out in the yard during the night and keep the deer away. Needless to say, owning a dog can be very rewarding, but it is also a great responsibility so think twice about this option. If you are not interested in keeping a dog in your yard, there is even a simpler solution that comes in the form of a sprinkler that is activated by motion detection. This is a nice system that works and doesn’t require any special maintenance. The best part is that it is efficient as a repellent not only for deer but also for rabbits, cats, dogs, raccoons, etc. Whenever a deer enters its range it sprays a long stream of water for 2-3 seconds. It only needs a battery and access to water. A more radical option is to build an electric fence. These fences transmit electricity and deer are buzzed whenever they touch them. However, this fence should be quite high because deer can jump very high. There are special electric fences for deer so make sure that you are buying one for this purpose. There are also few all-natural, homemade deer repellents that you can try. For instance, many homeowners say that placing human hair in a nylon bag and putting it on branches and trees or between plants will keep deer away. These animals have an excellent sense of smell and the smell of human hair will warn them that they should stay away. In addition, you can use pieces of ivory soap and put them close to the plant. Additionally, feel free to put these soap bars in old socks and place them strategically all over the yard and see how it goes. Deer control is very important if you want to keep your garden safe, so try these methods because some of them will definitely work in your yard.