The Expectations of Humane Wildlife Control

Whether you need a fox removed from your suburban yard or a rodent removed from your city apartment, wildlife should always be handled with care and respect through humane wildlife control. We need to remember that ultimately, we displaced the creatures from their original habitats with our urbanization of communities. Wildlife has been forced to adapt to living in suburban and urban areas in order to survive, which means sometimes, certain critters will find their way into a human’s home. When you come across a creature in your home that doesn’t belong, resist the urge to harm the animal. Instead, leave the animal alone and call a wildlife control professional. But when you call wildlife control, be sure to call one who is known for using only the most humane techniques.

Humane Wildlife Control Criteria

How can you determine a valid humane wildlife control company? Use these following points from The Humane Society of the United States when deciding:

  • Determine if their will be an on site inspection as well as an estimate on paper.
  • Ensure that the company will be able to answer questions like:
    • What type of animal is found
    • Are there any offspring
    • All points of entry in your home
    • How will they be able to determine the answers
  • Ask for a detailed description of how the problem will be handled. If the technician says the animal should be killed, ask why. If the animal is believed to be sick, then this may be necessary.
  • If the animal is actually in your home rather than in your yard, request that the animal be allowed to reenter the wild.
  • Be aware of the contract you sign. Some companies may include an “open-ended clause” that gives them permission to charge for the removal of every animal found on your property.
  • Ask the company for any references from a control agency, humane society, or rehabilitator.

Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control is proud to offer quality wildlife control services using only humane techniques and methods. We are proud members of The Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. We are also licensed and insured through:

  • Virginia Fish and Game
  • Delaware Fish and Game
  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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