Wildlife Removal Services in Frederick, MD

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control helps residents and commercial property managers in the Frederick, MD area with a variety of wildlife problems. We deal with such nuisance wildlife as squirrels, raccoons, bats, snakes, groundhogs, foxes, and many others. Whether these animals are damaging your lawn, entering your home or harming your livestock or garden, you can rely on professional and humane wildlife removal by Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control.

Frederick, MD Wildlife Removal and Animal Control Services

Frederick Squirrel Removal

When a squirrel becomes a nuisance, you know who to call for squirrel removal in Frederick. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we use live traps to capture squirrel families (there is usually more than one squirrel in your home) and relocate them to a safe place far away. We also patch and repair any damage caused by squirrels, which can range from a hole in your fascia board to missing shingles and damaged flashing.

Frederick Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are smart and can be tricky to catch, especially if you are acting out of common sense rather than experience. However, trapping is not even necessary in some cases when babies are involved. Most raccoons have a backup den nearby where they will relocate if forced to. So simply removing raccoon babies from your attic and allowing the mother to return at night to move them often takes care of the problem. Of course, there is usually a bigger problem waiting for you in the attic in the form of insulation riddled with raccoon feces. But we can help you with that one too!

Frederick Snake Removal

Snakes are fairly harmless despite their bad reputation. At least the kinds of snakes you find in Frederick for the most part prefer to stay away from humans and won’t attack unless absolutely necessary. However, there are two venomous snake species in Maryland, and if you live near rocky or forested areas, you may come across them and even suffer a bite if you are not careful. If snakes are persistent visitors on your property or in your home, get in touch with us for snake removal in Frederick.

Frederick Bat Removal

Out of all the wildlife creatures that may attempt to gain access to your attic, bats probably deserve the most respect. It’s no surprise they are protected by the Maryland law—bat do lots of good for the environment and for us. Think about the thousands of insects each bat consumes every night—these could be the insects that drink your blood or infest your garden! Our approach to bat removal in Maryland is effective and humane. We can get these nuisance creatures out of your home without harm or stress to either party.

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Frederick Wildlife Resources

If you happen to come across an injured wild animal or simply want to learn more about local wildlife, here are a few useful links. And, of course, you are also welcome to call us for information pertaining to removal of nuisance animals from buildings.

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