Is Groundhog Removal Necessary in Clarksburg?

Throughout Montgomery County, Maryland, there are several smaller, unincorporated towns that can be found throughout the county. Clarksburg is a quaint town found in the northern portion of Montgomery County, where residents have plenty of open fields and wildlife surrounds them. While more homes are built in the Clarksburg area, more wildlife is displaced. This means that groundhog removal and other wildlife control services are necessary as groundhogs and other critters begin to adapt to living in suburban and urban areas. Groundhogs may seem cute and harmless from a distance, but once they begin to live near your home, you will find what kind of a nuisance they are and realize that groundhog removal is necessary for your Clarksburg home. Groundhogs have learned to burrow against the foundation of a home in order to use the structure for support. The main area of their den can then typically be located underneath a basement of a home. While underneath your home, a groundhog can potentially locate wires connecting your home to electricity, internet, cable, and phone service. If a groundhog damages your home’s wiring, you could be looking at a hefty bill to get them replaced. The holes left by a groundhog den along with the displaced dirt can also pose potential safety hazards for children and pets playing outdoors. When you find evidence of groundhogs on your Clarksburg property, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians specialize in groundhog removal by using only the most humane live trapping techniques and exclusion methods. We are also proud to be fully licensed and insured by:

  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Delaware Fish and Game
  • Virginia Fish and Game

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