Groundhogs Digging Up Owings Mills

Groundhogs are out of hibernation and digging up yards all through Owings Mills. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading authority for groundhog removal in Owings Mills. Their technicians have been busy trapping and removing groundhogs and repairing the damages caused by groundhogs. Most people don’t realize that groundhogs can cause extreme structural damage to homes, sheds, barns, walkways, porches, warehouses, and roadways. Besides structural damages, groundhog burrows can cause severe injuries to pets such as dogs, horses, and cattle. Many people have sustained broken ankles and legs when they don’t see the groundhog burrow as they are walking through their back yard. Already this spring Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has received several calls from grieving homeowners that have had to have their pet horse euthanized because the horse broke its leg in a groundhog burrow while running around the property. Just last week a panicked homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who is the leading groundhog control company in Owings Mills because their Cairn Terrier ran down a groundhog burrow and never came out. The dog was in the burrow for 8 hours before resurfacing. Happily, the dog was only lightly scrapped up however it did have to receive rabies shots as a precautionary measure. At another property on Golf Course Road, Owings Mills 21117 a groundhog excavated so much dirt from the under part of the home it caused the foundation to severely crack and caused one corner of the foundation to drop 3 inches. This groundhog had 5 entry holes that lead to an elaborate system of tunnels and chambers that spanned about 100 feet wide in all directions. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control estimated that the overall length of the tunnels was about 1/8th of a mile. This project probably took the groundhog about a year to complete. Groundhog experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control have decades of experience and have never seen a groundhog burrow so large before.

The elderly couple that owned this property enjoyed watching the wildlife and would often put out tasty treats to attract the animals closer to the house. Unfortunately, this elderly couple had no idea that this cute little groundhog they had been enjoying was causing costly damage to their home. Most Owings Mills homeowners don’t know how to get rid of a groundhog or how to safely use humane live capture traps to remove the groundhogs. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the go-to groundhog control company in Owings Mills and surrounding areas. If you suspect you have a groundhog on your property or if you simply have a question give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct]. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control will humanely trap and remove the groundhog and repair any damages caused by the groundhog.