Groundhog Digs Into Basement in Westminster

Groundhog removal companies in Westminster remain busy trapping groundhogs and repairing damages they cause due to the high population of groundhogs in the Westminster area. Despite that groundhogs have a cute friendly appearance they can cause very costly damages to homes, buildings, sheds, barns, retaining walls, roadways, walkways, and ponds. Groundhogs dig burrows with extensive tunnels and chambers between 3 and 15 below ground. Groundhogs are very clever animals and prefer to dig the entry holes to their burrows under structures such as porches and sheds to prevent rain from entering the hole. Groundhogs have also figured out that digging a hole next to the foundation of a home or building also helps keep rainwater out. The foundation wall of a home or building also provides their tunnels and chambers with the perfect support that will not collapse on them. As they dig down alongside the foundation wall they will dig their main chamber underneath the home’s concrete basement floor. Again this helps to keep the rain out of their living space (chambers) but unfortunately, over time the concrete basement floor will crack and even collapse causing the homeowner thousands of dollars in damage. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who is the leading groundhog trapping company in Westminster received a call from a homeowner off of New Windsor Road, Westminster, 21157 on April 19th about a groundhog that was running around in their basement. This was an old stone house with a basement that had a stone floor. A few of the stones on the floor were missing so the groundhog dug a hole into the basement. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control set live capture traps and within an hour the groundhog was trapped and removed. The homeowners also had Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control seal up the groundhog’s hole and tunnel along the foundation of the home. In addition, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control poured 8 inches of concrete on the dirt basement floor to prevent groundhogs or any other critters from getting in.

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