Groundhog Trapping In Parkville

A homeowner off of Harford Road Parkville 21234 says groundhog trapping is not as easy as it looks. A groundhog dug a large burrow with two entry points in the homeowner’s yard while he was away on vacation for a week. The groundhog dug one of the entry holes and tunnels to the burrow against the foundation of his home (see photo above). The other entry hole was under the platform of an above ground pool. The homeowner thought he knew how to get rid of groundhogs so he borrowed four live capture traps from a neighbor for his Groundhog trapping in Parkville project. The Homeowner set two live capture traps next to each entry hole that the groundhog had dug. He used a different bait in each trap. One trap was baited with a banana, another trap was baited with canned cat food, another trap was baited with lettuce and the last trap was baited with raisins. After he failed to trap any of the groundhogs after leaving the traps down for 5 days it was clear that he did not know how to get rid of the groundhogs so he decided to call a groundhog removal company in Parkville that provides groundhog trapping services in Parkville.

The homeowner called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to trap the groundhogs and seal up the entry holes and burrow tunnels. On the first day Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was able to trap the groundhogs. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control explained to the homeowner that he was using the wrong baits and that the traps he borrowed from his neighbor actually deterred the groundhogs because they were previously used for trapping cats and the smell of the cats in the traps scared the groundhogs. If you are having problems with groundhogs on your property and don’t know how to stop groundhogs from digging in the yard call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at 443-417-3137 and talk to a groundhog removal expert. They are the leading groundhog removal company in Parkville.