Groundhogs Galore in New Freedom

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receives a lot of calls from homeowners looking for groundhog removal services in New Freedom. Some of the homeowners have had structural damages done caused by groundhogs burrowing under their fences, barns, sheds, and even the foundation of their home. One homeowner off of Campbell Road, New Freedom 17349 had a groundhog burrow down alongside a large old Douglas Fir tree that was about 25 feet away from his barn. He didn’t think much of it until the entire corner of his barn collapsed from the groundhog digging tunnels under the barn. Another homeowner off of Steltz Road, New Freedom 17349, unfortunately, had to have their horse put to sleep because the horse suffered from several breaks in her leg when she was running and stepped into a groundhog burrow. Another homeowner discovered a groundhog in her basement. Apparently, the groundhog dug a tunnel under the house and came up through the dirt crawl space. The groundhog then went through a broken window that leads to the basement and could not get back out. These are just a few of the many groundhog galore cases Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control encounters in New Freedom and southern York County.

The photo below was taken by a homeowner off of S. Front Street, New Freedom 17349. When the homeowner went to the basement utility room to do laundry he discovered a half-inch wide by the six-foot-long crack in the basement foundation wall which appears sometimes over a 48 hour period. The homeowner quickly went outside to see what had caused the large crack and found that a groundhog had dug a burrow alongside the foundation wall of the home. The homeowner could not see the burrow hole before because shrubs were covering it up. He took this photo after cutting down the shrubs. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control trapped and removed the groundhog and repaired the foundation wall. Most homeowners don’t know how to get rid of groundhogs. They often try to resolve the problem on their own by using products sold at hardware stores that don’t work. One such product is groundhog repellant which is expensive and has to be put down over the entire property after every rainfall. Homeowners also try to use tactics they find on the internet like putting dog droppings down the burrow hole or even urinating in the burrow hole. Unfortunately, the only thing that happens when a homeowner puts dog droppings or urine down the groundhog burrow hole is the groundhog will dig a new burrow entry hole that leads to the same tunnels under the ground that they have been using. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading groundhog removal company in New Freedom and southern York County. Having over 20 years of experience dealing with groundhog control they can assure you that the only way to get rid of groundhogs is by trapping or by exclusion. If you have groundhogs burrowing on your property give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct] to talk to a groundhog control expert.