Birds are building nest everywhere at this time of year especially in man-made structures like dryer vents, kitchen exhaust vents, and bathroom exhaust vents. Wildlife control companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control stay busy with bird removal from vents in Hanover throughout the spring and early summer months. People purchasing a new home usually don’t notice that bird proof vent covers were not installed on kitchen, bathroom and dryer exhaust vents on most homes that have been built in the last 10 years until a year or two after they have lived in the home when they hear baby birds chirping in the house. Besides hearing baby bird’s homeowners may also experience mites or lice getting into the home through the vent. Another side effect caused by birds nesting in an exhaust vent is the pungent odor of a decaying bird carcass caused by a baby bird that died in the vent or the foul odor of bird feces emanating from the vent. Most pest control companies in Hanover don’t have a clue how to evict birds from exhaust vents. It takes a company that specializes in bird removal to properly and humanely evict the birds, remove the nesting materials, sanitize, repair any damages and install a bird proof vent cover. The photo below was taken on Penn Ave. Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331 during the second week of March this year. The outer cover of this vent somehow broke off during the winter and House Sparrows packed nesting materials into this bathroom exhaust vent to prepare for the eggs that the female was about to lay. These little birds packed so much dried grass, small twigs, and trash into this vent it caused the vent pipe to break open in the ceiling and the birds became trapped and died in the ceiling. The horrific smell from the dead birds is what brought this problem to the homeowner’s attention. Unfortunately for the homeowners, the ceiling had to be cut open to remove the dead birds and the nesting materials. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control installed a new vent pipe and a bird proof vent cover to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading bird control experts in Pennsylvania. They are highly recommended by various Pennsylvania government agencies for their expert knowledge and superior skills in animal control as well as various animal rescue group for the humane techniques that they use to evict birds and other wildlife. If you want an expert that knows how to get rid of birds in a vent give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [DirectNumber].