Why Should I Not Harm Bats in Elkridge

Elkridge is a comfortable town found in Howard County, Maryland. When you invest money into your Elkridge home, you don’t want it to become damaged due to wildlife entering your property. However, there is never a need to harm the wildlife once it has entered our home. Chances are your home destroyed the home of the critter in front of you. One of the critters that could find its way into your Elkridge home is the bat. When most people think of bats, they think of scary, dirty creatures that only come out in the dark and live to attack humans. With this state of mind, it’s no surprise that people panic and attack bats that are found in their home. While it is true that bats don’t have any business staying in your home, that doesn’t mean you should try to harm the animal. Bats are actually very helpful to our ecosystem for three main reasons:

  1. Dispersing of Seeds- When it comes to spreading seeds for plants and flowers, nothing comes close to the work bats do. Bats are actually more effective in spreading seeds than birds.
  2. Controlling Pests- The diet of bats consist mainly of insects that can damage crops and gardens. Most farmers are in agreement that bats are a helpful and natural way to keep their crops safe and healthy from insects.
  3. Pollinating- Bats are an excellent way to naturally pollinate crops and flowers. Bats also help to keep the pollinating diverse in all areas.

While bats are essential creatures to our ecosystem, they can’t help it when they are stuck in your home. When you find bats in your home, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians specialize in the humane removal of bats from your home. We understand how important bats are to our ecosystem which is why we use the most humane techniques to remove bats from your home. If you suspect bats in your Elkridge home, call Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control at 443-417-3137 or visit our contact page. We are available. Follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.