Hereford Bat Removal

There are multiple bat species that reside in Maryland. Any one of those species could be causing trouble in your house and bat information is a good way to find out the type. Bats live in your chimney or attic, primarily. Our Hereford animal removal team can get rid of the unhealthy bat guano as well as the bats in your house. With our humane removal, and bats being helpful with mosquitos, we can build a bat house they can use. Protected by Maryland law, bats need to be kept alive and removed by professionals.

Hereford Snake Removal

There are so many types of snakes in the Mid-Atlantic region. Snakes are under shrubs and trees in your yard, your garden, and even in your house. If you have a high population of small rodents in your yard, chances are there are snakes too. We’ll remove and relocate them safely while checking out any convenient entry points to make sure they don’t come back. Check out this snake information to take note of what snakes are invading and give us a call.

Hereford Raccoon Removal

Raccoons cause chaos both in your yard and in your house. They tend to be active at night, knocking down your trash cans and building nests in your chimney. They may look cute and cuddly, but you know they’re destructive. This raccoon information highlights the diseases they may carry, making removal a necessity. Hereford wildlife removal specialists raccoon-proof your property so that they don’t come back in the future.

Other Hereford Animal Removal Services We Offer:

Don’t try to remove animals yourself. More harm comes to the animal, you, and your property. Make sure you leave any animal control or wildlife removal to the pros.

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