How We Keep Animal Removal Humane

With dozens of species of mammals, birds, and reptiles in the state of Maryland, we know that you’re no stranger to wildlife. However, when you begin seeing unwanted pests in your home, humane animal removal is the best option for both you and the animal in question. If your home or yard has unexpected animal visitors, contact our Maryland animal control service at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today.

What Does It Mean to Choose Humane Animal Removal?

If you’re looking for humane animal removal services or animal repellent services, it’s important to look for services that are as close to you as possible. You want to work with someone who knows and has experience handling local wildlife so that you know that they will be able to relocate the animals safely. You also want to find a company that employs fully licensed and professional technicians who will only use humane animal handling techniques. This step ensures that the animal will stay safe and unharmed after their capture.

Humanely Live Trapping Animals

One of the most humane ways of dealing with creatures is to use live traps. These traps aren’t harmful to the animal, and when our technicians trap the animal, they quickly set it free away from your home. However, this practice isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes there are complications. For instance, if the trapped animal has gotten trapped before, they may realize it’s a trap, and not go inside.

Additionally, if the animal is using your home as a shelter to give birth to its young safely when we trap the animal, the babies may be left behind. In that case, the litter may die because the parent is not there to care for them and feed them. If an animal has made a nest in your home, we’ll try to determine if it is a mother. If there is a litter of babies, we’ll take care of it and make sure that we bring the babies with the mother.

It is also vital to be mindful of the environment that we release the animal. Placing animals in new surroundings can be disorienting, and in some cases, if there’s no food, water, or shelter nearby, it could kill the animal. As such, our technicians have to mindful of where we place the animal. We work hard to keep the animal in a safe area where they can quickly find food.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Home

One way of ensuring that we’re keeping to animal removal ethics is to make sure that the animals can’t get back into your home once we’ve removed them. For best results, you should make sure that you seal up any points of entry that allowed the creatures into your home in the first place. Make sure to use substances that they can’t nibble through, such as metal screens on vents. You can also trim trees and shrubs so that they can’t get onto your roof. Doing that can also make sure that there aren’t any concealed entry points. It would be best if you also tried to avoid leaving food in your yard by making sure that each garbage bin can securely close. In most cases, you can avoid animals from getting into your house by making sure that there is no food to be found.

Animal Removal Ethics

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