Howard County Homeowner Traumatized By Invasive Birds

Birds can quickly turn from majestic fairytale-like animals that are amazing to observe into nuisance pests that cause American property owners billions of dollars in damage each year. A Howard County homeowner has been watching many different species of birds for many years enjoy the birdhouses he put up in his yard and the bird feeders he keeps filled with seed each day. The homeowner never suspected that the birds he was loyally feeding would invade his home and cause a couple of thousand dollars in damages. The son of Mr. Chavez on Howes Lane in Columbia was visiting one Saturday afternoon and noticed a foul odor in the home. He searched everywhere for the source of the odor but found nothing so he called several different companies and government agencies seeking advice. After talking to a few people he was convinced that an animal must have died in the walls. At the recommendation of Howard County Animal Control, he calls Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control which specializes in dead animal removal. When the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived he knows right away that the odor was a combination of dead birds and bird feces. The bathroom vents, kitchen vents, and dryer vents were the first places the technician inspected. He discovered a terrible mess in the first-floor bathroom vent. The vent pipe had come unattached from the exhaust fan housing and the birds were nesting on top of the bathroom ceiling around the exhaust vent. Several baby birds had died and the smell from the dead birds and bird feces was overwhelming.

The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control wanted to be thorough so he inspected the other vents and the attic. He found birds nesting in one more bathroom vent but the real shocker was the number of bird feces he found in the attic. It appeared that birds must have been nesting in the attic for many years and the floor of the attic was covered with bird feces, dead birds, and nesting materials. Technicians from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control spent two days removing all of the insulation from the attic that was covered with bird feces, dead birds, and nesting material. After the insulation was bagged up and removed the technicians went over the entire attic with a vacuum to suck up as many mites and lice as possible then they used an environmentally friendly sanitizer. The gable vent in the attic was repaired to prevent birds from getting back in the attic. Not every wildlife control company in Howard County knows how to remove nesting materials from above ceilings without cutting down the entire ceiling. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control tries their best to minimize the expenses brought on by bird damages so they only make small openings when possible. Industrial strength vacuums are inserted into the small openings to suck out the nesting materials and bird feces. Bird-proof vent covers were installed on all the bathrooms, kitchen, and dryer vents to prevent future bird problems. If you are looking for an experienced bird removal company in Howard County call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [DirectNumber]. They are the most trusted local provider for bird control services, deterrents, and cleanup in Howard County. Our professional staff will help you discover what option is best for your needs.