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At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we are all about humane and the least stressful methods of animal removal. However, live-trapping and relocation doesn’t work for every critter. Some are too large to capture, such as deer. Others, such as geese, will return no matter how far you take them. For these and some other animals repellents may be the best approach. If that’s the case, you can rely on our animal repellent services in Maryland, whether you live in Edgewood, Middle River, Annapolis or any other area of the mid-Atlantic region.

Types of Animal Repellents We Use

There are many ways to discourage a particular animal from nesting or feeding on your property. We only choose repellents that are safe for the animal, the environment, as well as for humans and pets. The two major types of repellents we use are:

  • Contact repellents—this means an animal has to make a contact, such as ingesting a plant that was sprayed with the repellent. The main ingredients in such repellents are designed to alter the taste of the plant or cause the animal to have indigestion, which discourages them from feeding on your property again.
  • Area repellents—these repellents are applied in the general area you want to protect. They have a specific smell that a particular animal doesn’t like, so they stay away.

After inspecting your property and the problem areas, we will be able to suggest which repellent will be the most effective for your animal control needs.


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Maryland Deer Repellent

A deer is a majestic creature to watch, but it can quickly turn into an invasive pest.

Unlike many other forest animals, deer don’t gather and store food for winter. They feed on what’s available year round. In summer it can be your tomato plants and lettuce in the garden. In winter it’s the lower branches of your evergreen trees and shrubs. Once deer designate your property as their feeding ground, they’ll be back for seconds. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control can help you choose the right repellent strategy to prevent deer from destroying your yard or garden.

Maryland Goose Repellent

We all know not to feed the geese, but this usually doesn’t stop them from sticking around.

Canada geese are the most common goose species in Maryland and throughout the U.S. You can easily recognize them by their distinct black and brown coloring. Their population in this country has surpassed 1 million—and that’s just the resident geese that live here year round, not counting the migrating species. Geese tend to choose large grassy areas for feeding, and considering that they travel in large groups, little grass is left when they are gone. If geese have decided to have a gathering on your property, we can help. Our goose repellent services are non-invasive but extremely effective in deterring geese and preventing future invasions.

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