Birds can also be a source of a nuisance if their residence or activities overlap with yours. In some cases, they may cause costly damage and lead to serious health problems for homeowners, business owners, and commercial property managers. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, one of our specialties is bird removal services in Maryland. We serve Montgomery County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County and many other locations in Maryland, including Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Columbia and many more.

Our Bird Removal Services in Maryland

  • Inspections to assess your bird problem
  • Live trapping and removal of birds from buildings, vents, chimneys, etc.
  • Installation of humane bird deterrent devices
  • Attic, chimney, and vent clean-outs
  • Disinfect and deodorize
  • Animal-proof chimney and vent cover installation
  • Bird exclusion barriers
  • Repair of damage caused by birds


“Thank you John for removing the birds from my dryer vent and cleaning the entire nest out too. I have not had any more problems since you installed the bird proof dryer vent. Great job done by a great company.”

Jim North, Columbia, MD

Birds in the Vents

A woodpecker can seriously damage your home’s wooden siding or trim.

Birds nest in the trees, but they certainly wouldn’t mind a home that offers more protection. They often find such homes in your gutters, dryer vents, bathroom vents and even in your attic and walls. Birds like sparrows, pigeons, woodpeckers, and starlings are common offenders. If you have a bird nesting in your vent or in a gutter, you might hear scratching noises when the bird is building its nest or in the spring when it’s making frequent trips back and forth to feed its young. A woodpecker is especially unwelcome if you have a wooden home because it can make holes in your siding or trim. These situations require bird removal services.

Geese on Your Land

A large flock of geese can quickly destroy your turf or a well-manicured lawn.

Canadian Geese are not usually a problem for average homeowners unless you have a large property with a pond. However, they can be a nuisance in parks, on golf courses, and on manicured lawns. The problem with geese is that if they come, it’s not just one goose, but a large flock. And a flock of geese can easily destroy any grass surface by grazing and defecating all over it. Not only does this create a slippery mess, but could also be viewed unfavorably by your patrons if you are running a business. The tricky part with geese removal in Maryland is that geese tend to return to their nesting sites. A goose deterrent strategy is necessary to keep these birds away, and Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s goose repellant services are here to help.

Pigeons in the Building

When it comes to pigeon removal, we also clean out all of the bird droppings and sanitize the space.

Pigeons can roost both in residential and commercial buildings, but they are more common in big cities like Baltimore. Pigeons can live on the ledges and beams, in eaves, in and behind signs, in attics and even in the ductwork. Large groups of pigeons nesting in your warehouse or attic can make a big mess. Not only do they defecate in large amounts, but can also leave their feathers and nesting materials all over the place. Their droppings are corrosive in nature, able to wear down building surfaces such as stone and metal. Bird droppings, similar to bat guano, are high in nitrogen and therefore are the perfect environment for dangerous fungi that leads to histoplasmosis. When it comes to bird management services in Maryland, we also safely clean out all the bird droppings from their nesting place.

Bird Management With Bird Barrier

Enjoy a comprehensive line of products designed to keep the birds away from your structure.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is a trained and licensed installer for the Bird Barrier line of bird management products. These products include bird netting, bird spikes, slides and shock systems designed to be discrete yet effective against different types of birds. Whether you have mud swallows nesting under your home’s ledge or pigeons flying free in your mall, we can help you get rid of these unwanted visitors once and for all. Our bird management solutions address the full range of bird-related problems, and can even deter birds from landing and sitting in undesirable areas.

More About Birds

Enjoy a comprehensive line of products designed to keep the birds away from your structure.

Each bird has different biology, habits, and lifestyle, which is why it’s important to hire an expert who has the correct bird information about the particular nuisance you are dealing with. Bird removal methods and deterrents that work for geese might not work for pigeons, and vice versa. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we take the extra effort to come up with a humane bird removal strategy based on our extensive experience with various bird species.

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