Should you be alarmed if there is a groundhog on your property? While humans and groundhogs can often coexist, sometimes a single groundhog can become a big nuisance. If you found a groundhog living under your deck, destroying your garden or scavenging through your trash, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control can help with groundhog removal services in Maryland. We use effective and humane methods to remove groundhogs in Rockville, Bethesda, Annapolis, Potomac and many other suburban and rural areas in Howard County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County and throughout Maryland.

How We Go About Groundhog Removal Services

The most effective solution to a groundhog problem is to use live capture traps. We typically place 2 to 6 traps depending on the size of the property and the number of pest animals. The traps are placed in a strategic manner and baited with lures that are specifically designed to attract groundhogs and not other animals.

When groundhogs dig under porches, sheds or crawlspaces, it may be necessary to use exclusion techniques as well as trapping them. Exclusion techniques include the installation of barriers above and below ground to prevent groundhogs from reentering the area. We install impenetrable and effective exclusion materials that are designed to be inconspicuous and fit with the exterior of your home. Once our groundhog removal services are complete and we remove all the nuisance groundhogs from your property, we’ll make sure to fill their borrows to discourage other animals from nesting there.


“Thank you for removing the groundhogs that caused my front steps to collapse. Your crew was professional, courteous and they did a great job rebuilding my steps, they look great!”

Mrs. Janice Johnston, Germantown, MD

Groundhog Under Your Deck or Shed

Don’t wait till the groundhog causes thousands in damage—contact us for help today!

Groundhogs live and spend most of their time in dens under the ground. If you see a groundhog entering the space underneath your deck, porch or shed, it likely has a den entrance under there. A single den can have multiple entrances and exit points, and the ones under man-made structures offer groundhogs additional protection.

A groundhog under your Maryland deck or shed is a dangerous neighbor. First of all, its digging activities are extensive and could potentially compromise the entire structure. Second of all, groundhogs are known to gnaw on wood, chew on underground electrical cables and excavate large amounts of dirt. They can cause significant damage to both your home and local infrastructure, so don’t delay calling a Jessup wildlife removal expert if you see a groundhog under your deck.

Groundhog in Your Yard, Garden or Farm

Groundhogs eat most farm vegetables and can destroy your small garden in one sitting.

Groundhogs don’t always bother your house, sometimes they are happy living in your yard or on your farmland. However, you shouldn’t be happy about that. A groundhog in your yard will make multiple holes big enough for you or your farm animals, such as goats or horses, to injure themselves if they step into one. Groundhogs will also gnaw on fruit trees and can break into your fenced-in garden to munch on the leafy greens. And let’s not forget that groundhogs can be rather vicious when provoked, and give you or your pet a nasty bite. Mount Airy wildlife removal services can prevent this from happening.

These Methods Won’t Help

  • Trying to bury the groundhog’s burrow entrance will only aggravate the animal.
  • Blocking all entrances to the burrow will lead to groundhog making new ones.
  • Building fences to protect your crops is not effective, as groundhogs can climb.
  • Scare tactics like smelly repellant may cause the groundhog to relocate but not far enough.

Trapping, removal, and exclusion are the only sure ways to solve your Maryland groundhog problem.

More About Groundhogs

Did you know that groundhogs are good climbers and swimmers? However, they prefer to stay on or below ground despite having this wide range of talents. Their underground den layout, in fact, is rather impressive and each burrow leading to the den chamber can extend up to 50 feet. Imagine if all these tunnels are underneath your shed or next to your home’s foundation! This kind of digging can lead to serious damage.

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