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If you’ve ever passed a dead skunk while driving, you know this is not the kind of animal you want in your yard or anywhere near your home. Skunks, however, won’t ask your permission before moving under your deck or in your crawlspace. It doesn’t matter if you live in Howard County, Anne Arundel County or in Potomac—no area in Maryland is skunk-free. But you can always rely on Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for fast and effective skunk removal services in Chevy Chase, Rockville, Columbia or any other location in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Washington, DC.

How We Approach Skunk Removal Services

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control solves your invasive skunk problems through live trapping and exclusion. The first line of defense is to trap and remove the skunks in question. Our wildlife control technicians will strategically set multiple traps on your property to capture the skunks. The skunk traps we use are specially designed for skunk control so that the skunk is not capable of spraying anyone once inside the trap. The second line of defense for skunk control is exclusion. Our technicians will install skunk-proof exclusion barriers to prevent skunks from reentering crawlspace and areas under decks or sheds. This proven approach solves the skunk problem for our Maryland customers.

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The technician was very polite and took his time to explain everything. The technician also took photos of all the damage so we could see it for ourselves and so the photos could be e-mailed to our homeowner’s insurance company. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.

Samantha Reich, Silver Spring, MD

Skunks Under Deck

Skunks frequently inhabit spaces under decks, sheds, porches, as well as crawlspaces.

They are not very good climbers or jumpers, but they can dig very well. That’s how they often gain access to hollow spaces underneath man-made structures. Once they’ve picked their den spot, they will start nesting, which may involve shredding of whatever materials they can get their hand on, including insulation. Even if there is nothing under your deck that could be damaged, having a skunk as a neighbor puts you and your pets at risk of getting sprayed. Skunks also spray to mark their territory, and having this scent linger around your deck or porch is not ideal, to put it mildly. If you see a skunk on your property or notice an odd smell, get in touch with us for skunk removal in Maryland.

Skunks Digging the Yard

Skunks like to dig for grubs, worms, insects and other edible things hiding under the ground.

This digging may result in a patchy, uneven lawn full of holes, which are a tripping hazard. Sometimes, skunks can also dig a den in your yard and settle there. While exploring your property, it’s not uncommon for skunks to fall into window wells and get stuck, unable to climb out. If this happens to you, call Mount Airy wildlife removal services and let us handle skunk removal. We will then inspect your property to determine where the skunk is denning and whether there are any others.

More About Skunks

Skunks are easily recognizable. The striped skunk we often encounter in Maryland has two white stripes going across its back and into the bushy tail. But did you hear about or see a spotted skunk? A spotted skunk is a lot smaller and has a unique-looking fur covered in contrasting black and white lines. It’s less common around here, but it can be just as much trouble as its larger stinky counterpart.

Are you experiencing problems with skunks on your property? Get help now by contacting Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [Direct]

Are you experiencing problems with skunks on your property? Get help now by contacting Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at (443) 417-3137