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Call Us to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Maryland Property

Snakes often strike fear in most people, especially if they are unexpectedly found on one’s property. While some snakes are harmless, it’s best not to get a close look to find out if your slithering guest is venomous or not. It’s important to call on professional animal control to properly remove the snake from your property to ensure the safety of your family.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s team of snake handlers provides quick snake removal services throughout Maryland. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property to locate any snakes, remove them safely, and relocate them far away from your home.

We can also remove snakes that have found their way inside your home. To prevent any further issues, we will help you protect your property by sealing any entry points with materials that will blend with your home so that it doesn’t stand out.

Here is a Black Rat Snake we removed from a home in Bethesda, Maryland.

For fast and reliable snake removal services in Maryland, give us a call at 888-998-4223.


Why Is There a Snake on My Property?

The majority of snakes that enter homes do so while chasing a mouse or another rodent.

If you get birds, frogs, chipmunks, mice, or rats visiting your yard, then it’s likely that you’ll have snakes visiting your yard to prey on them. While they can be helpful for controlling the mice population, they can also be problematic, especially if they’re venomous. Snakes can also come into your home when chasing prey through gaps at entry points into your home.

If you’ve been surprised by a snake on your Maryland property, contact us for snake removal and control services by calling 888-998-4223. We’ll send a snake handler out to you quickly.

What Should I Do If I Encounter a Snake?

  • Be cautious, but don’t panic
  • Don’t attempt to scare it away
  • Don’t try to handle it
  • Don’t try to kill it
  • Call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control right away to get professional snake removal services
  • If you get bitten by a snake, please seek medical attention right away



“The employee removed the snake and did an inspection of my home to find the hole where the snake got in. He found a few areas where the snake could have got in and he sealed them up so I would not have another snake problem.”

Mary Beikirch, Chevy Chase, MD


Schedule Snake Removal Services in Maryland

Maryland is home to 27 snake species that can be found in metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas. If you see a snake on your property, the first thing you should do is keep a careful distance and call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control right away. The Northern Copperhead snake and Timber Rattlesnake are native to Maryland and very venomous. Our trained snake handlers will be able to safely remove the snake from your property without anyone getting injured.

For safe and fast snake removal services in Maryland, contact us online or call 888-998-4223 as soon as you see a snake.