There are 27 different species of snakes that thrive throughout the state of Maryland, two of them venomous. Either by chance or on purpose, they may wind up in your attic, kitchen or back yard. If you have a snake that’s bothering you, we offer snake removal services to get rid of any species. We provide snake removal in Howard CountyCarroll County, and Anne Arundel County, as well as other areas in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, DC. We regularly visit Chevy ChaseEldersburgWestminsterRockvilleColumbia and Silver Spring for snake removal calls.

How We Can Resolve Your Snake Problem

Our skilled snake handlers will start by inspecting your property for existing snakes. They will thoroughly look under shrubs, wood piles, in flower beds and other potential snake den spots to locate any snakes that may be inhabiting your yard. Our snake removal services remove them safely and relocate far away.

We also inspect homes and trap any snakes that found their way inside. To prevent any future problems, we offer exclusion techniques that involve sealing any snake entry points with materials that will blend with the exterior of your home. Our work is clean, neat and effective. We provide exclusion barriers around windows and doors with gaps around them, as well as animal-proof covers on vents.

Here is a Black Rat Snake we removed from a home in Bethesda, Maryland.


“The employee removed the snake and did an inspection of my home to find the hole where the snake got in. He found a few areas where the snake could have got in and he sealed them up so I would not have another snake problem.”

Mary Beikirch, Chevy Chase, MD

There is a Snake in My Home!

The majority of snakes that enter homes do so while chasing a mouse or another rodent.

Snakes enter homes through gaps under exterior doors, cracks in the foundation and gaps around pipes that run through the exterior walls. They can also get in through vents that are low to the ground or through broken basement windows. Some snakes, such as the Black Rat Snake, can even climb trees and get on top of your roof where they usually find a hole to enter the attic.

Snakes may try to get inside for two main reasons. The first reason is that they could be chasing a mouse or another critter that lives unnoticed in your home. Most homeowners who report a snake inside the house usually have a mouse problem. Snakes will pick up the scent trail of a mouse and follow it through the same gap or crack it uses for entry. The second reason is also simple: shelter and warmth. During early to mid-fall, snakes are looking for a safe and comfortable place to hibernate through the winter months, and a basement is a perfect spot. Snake removal services may be more essential in these times.

Help! Snakes in My Yard!

Snakes are usually in areas that have an abundance and variety of food sources.

If you have birds, frogs, chipmunks, mice, or rats on your property, you may have snakes frequently visiting your yard. Snakes are abundant around suburban communities that are near forest areas, especially if they have streams or creeks running through them. Snakes in your yard are not always a bad thing. After all, they control the population of mice and other rodents that could be living on your property. However, a large number of snakes, especially the venomous type, is an issue. If you are afraid to use your yard or work in your garden because of frequent snake sightings, contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for snake removal services in Maryland.

If You Encounter a Snake

  • Don’t panic but be cautious. Remember that snakes also prefer to avoid contact with humans.
  • Don’t attempt to scare the snake away—it may interpret your actions as a threat.
  • Don’t try to handle the snake, especially with bare hands.
  • Never make an effort to kill the snake—you could have an endangered species (there are two of them in Maryland).
  • Call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control right away to get professional snake removal services.
  • If you got bitten by a snake, seek medical help right away in case it was a venomous kind.

Snakes Native to Maryland

Whether you live in metropolitan Baltimore, suburban Potomac or in the middle of nowhere in the Howard County, you could have a snake problem. From the 27 snake species in Maryland, some are common throughout the state, while others are found only in a few counties. The venomous Northern Copperhead, for example, is found throughout Maryland, while the other venomous snake species Timber Rattlesnake is unique to Western Maryland. So if you live east of Frederick, you only have one venomous snake to worry about! And if you do encounter a snake, you know who to call!

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control will ensure fast and safe snake removal services in Maryland—just click the button below to get help.