NW Washington DC Squirrel Population

The gray squirrel population in NW Washington DC has exploded out of control and residents want to know how to keep squirrels out of the attic or how to keep squirrel out of the ceiling. The abundance of food provided by the hundreds of nut producing trees that line the streets of NW Washington DC give female gray squirrels enough nutrients to produce two litters of two to four babies each year. The first litter is born sometime between May and June. Female gray squirrels will build their nest in the trees where the leaves protect the baby squirrels from bad weather and predators like hawks, owls and raccoons. The second litter of babies is born sometime between December and February. The second litter is often born in attics and crawl spaces throughout NW Washington DC. Each year in November Washington DC squirrel control professionals (202-557-1443) and Washington DC squirrel removal professionals start receiving phone calls and e-mails from angry NW Washington DC residents complaining about scratching noises coming from the attic.  Most often the scratching noise above the ceiling or scratching noise in the attic is female gray squirrels making a nest in the attic or female gray squirrels making a nest above the ceiling.


Squirrel problems in NW Washington DC are common. Some residents experience minor squirrel problems at some point in time and some residents experience a full-blown squirrel infestation at some point in time. Regardless of how minor or major your squirrel problem in the attic is you should contact an NW Washington DC squirrel control company (202-557-1443) to do squirrel trapping before the squirrel damage is out of control. After the squirrel removal is done the squirrel damage repair should be done to keep the squirrel out of the attic. Gray squirrels chew on electrical wiring in attics and crawl spaces creating a fire hazard for the family living in the home. Gray squirrels start fires in over 20,000 every year so it is important to have squirrel removal professionals (202-557-1443) remove squirrels from the attic or remove squirrels from above the ceiling as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the fire hazards gray squirrels can create in your home visit 300 McMillian Drive NW, Washington, DC 20001 or call their non-emergency number 202-673-3392 or visit their webpage at www.dcfd.com.