Opossum Spotting in Ellicott City

To some, opossums are adorable and, to others, opossums are scary vermin. However, opossums moving into a residential area are often problematic for the people and pets living in the area. Let’s talk about some ways you can spot an opossum and how to deter them from your home.

Sights and Sounds

Opossums native to Ellicott City are grey and white with hairless tails. They have opposable thumbs and are the only marsupial native to Maryland. They are about the size of a house cat when they are adults. Opossums aren’t terribly vocal creatures unless cornered. They sometimes make clicking sounds when separated from their young or while they are in mating season. Baby opossums may make sneezing noises when they are looking for their mother. When threatened, opossums may hiss or growl. Though it is not advisable to corner an opossum yourself, you can rest a little easier. Opossums are incredibly clean animals who groom often and have a very low chance of contracting rabies.

Opossum homes

Though some think that they live in trees, only young opossums really hang from trees. Though some opossums will choose to live in old squirrel nests, most live underground. Due to their soft feet and claws, opossums don’t make their own holes in the ground. They are more likely to move into a hole left behind by another animal and make a little den using materials found in the area. However, it should be said that opossums don’t ever really settle. They are a nomadic animal. Thus, it is important to stay vigilant because they can appear suddenly. Opossums like to sleep under porches, beneath houses, or even under cars during the day.

Opossum Prevention

To deter these little marsupials from your home you should make sure to cover your trash cans. Opossums that live near residential areas can become accustomed to eating human food, so it’s best to keep your leftovers well contained. If you have any animals or pets that live outside it is imperative that any food left for them is picked up before turning in for the night. Opossums are nocturnal animals and tend to be most active while you are asleep. Tell your neighbors to keep their trash and animal feed contained as well to widen the area of prevention to as much of Ellicott City as possible. If you have more questions or suspect an opossum is moving into your neighborhood contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [Direct]. You can also find us on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.