Owings Mills Residents Need Help Evicting Birds

Most homeowners in Owings Mills don’t know how to get birds out of a vent because it’s not so simple. First of all, most of the vents birds build a nest in are on the second floor of a home. Bathroom vents and dryer vents on the second floor are the most commonly used by birds. Some homeowners don’t realize birds are nesting in their exhaust vent for a couple of seasons until the bird feces builds up in the vent and creates a horrible odor in the house. Some homeowners discover birds nesting in their bathroom, dryer, or kitchen vent when the wretched stench of decay overwhelms them in the house caused by dead baby birds. Some homeowners hear baby birds in the house and realize birds have built a nest in the exhaust vent. No matter how a homeowner finds out that birds are nesting in their vent it must be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further costly damages. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the busiest bird removal company in Owings Mills. March was the beginning of their bird removal from vents season but April and May are the busiest months. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control receives over 40 calls a week in Owings Mills alone from homeowners that have birds building nests in one of their exhaust vents. Bird control technicians at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control humanly evict the adult birds and remove the nest of eggs or babies to a nearby tree if possible so the adults can continue to raise their young.

Once the birds are out of the vent the technicians remove all the nesting materials and spray a sanitizer. The final step is to install a bird-proof vent cover so no other birds can enter the vent. All too often when a bird is evicted from a vent in one home it will move to a neighboring home’s vent and build a nest. So if you are having birds removed from your vent you may want to let your neighbors know so they can have a birdproof vent cover installed before any birds start to build a nest in their vents. This happened to a neighbor off of Caves Road, Owings Mills 21117. A neighbor had Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control evict birds from a bathroom vent and install birdproof vent covers on six exhaust vents including the dryer and bathroom vents in the photo below. These bird-proof vent covers will prevent the birds from building a nest in all the vents on the home. Unfortunately the next morning the birds moved over to the neighbor’s home and built their nest in one day.

If you want to know how to stop birds from building a nest in a vent call Owings Mills leading bird control company. A bird expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is ready to help you. Call [Direct] anytime.