Chevy Chase Wildlife Protection for your Home

As a homeowner, you try to do everything within your power to protect your Chevy Chase home. Your house is a number of things to you; a home, a place of safety, and an investment. It is where you can raise your family, protect your belongings, and eventually sell to make a profit. While homeowners try to consider every possible way to protect their homes from damage, they often fail to consider the damage caused by wildlife. Damage to your Chevy Chase home from wildlife can be caused in a number of ways:

  • Structure- Creatures that tend to chew like squirrels and rodents can cause damage to wiring and support beams. Bats can cause damage to your roof and siding while attempting to enter your home.
  • Outdoor Living- Wildlife that tends to burrow or create dens can cause damage to your outdoor living area. Foxes and groundhogs can create dens under decks and sheds while also finding their way into your crawl spaces.
  • Health- Wildlife can carry many diseases with them that can create major health issues for you and your family. Rabies is a major disease that can be transmitted by most mammals like raccoons, foxes, and opossums. Salmonella can be carried in the droppings and urine of rodents and spread by snakes. Feces left behind by raccoons can also carry raccoon roundworm, which can then lead to major and sometimes fatal health issues.
  • Elements- Damage left behind by wildlife can leave your home vulnerable to damage caused by natural elements. Holes left in your roof can lead to water damage to your home’s structure and can even lead to mold growth from the constant water exposure. Your energy bills can also take a hit from the lack of insulation in your attic and the openings in your home.

If you believe your Chevy Chase home is in jeopardy because of wildlife, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our trained technicians are able to identify damage caused by wildlife and determine what creatures have caused it. They can also effectively, yet humanely, remove the animals from your home and prevent future problems. To get started with Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, call us today at 443-417-3137 or visit our online contact page. We are available, so never hesitate to make the call. Follow us today on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.