Protecting your Children from Wildlife in Severn

When it comes to protecting their children, parents will do just about anything. Parents will childproof their homes and only have pets that are child-friendly and good with kids. However, do parents consider what harm may lie in their own backyard? What some might not realize is that wildlife in the Severn area could pose a threat to children, even if the animal itself doesn’t seem harmful at all. What wildlife could pose a threat to our children in your Severn yard?

  1. Raccoons- Not only do the animals themselves carry diseases like rabies, but their feces can be harmful as well. Feces left in yards could contain harmful raccoon roundworms that children could come across. Both rabies and raccoon roundworm can have both serious and even fatal effects on children.
  2. Bats- Bats are known carriers of bat and bed bugs. These insects will feed on humans and can carry diseases of their own. Bat feces can also carry histoplasmosis. This virus can be transmitted to children when they touch soil that has been contaminated by bat feces.
  3. Snakes- While snakes aren’t commonly linked with disease, there are 2 different venomous species of snake in the state of Maryland.
  4. Squirrels- While squirrels seem harmful and maybe even frequent guests of your yard, they can carry parasites like lice and fleas that your child could be exposed to. Their feces can also harbor salmonella, which could leave your child exposed in your yard.

At Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, we specialize in the humane removal of the above animals and more. Our technicians are trained by the top professionals within the animal control industry in order to remove and clean up after wildlife found on your property. We believe that although wildlife can be a nuisance, there is no need to remove them in a harmful way. We use only the most humane techniques and procedures to remove animals while keeping our customers happy. If you believe your children are at risk because of wildlife on or in your property, call Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. We are available. Call us today at443-417-3137 or visit our online contact page. You can also follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.