Questions Surrounding Rabies

Most residents of Silver Spring know that while most wildlife is harmless, animals can pose a health hazard to the community. Wildlife can carry several diseases, viruses, and parasites that can become harmful and even fatal to other animals and humans if left untreated. One of the more serious possibilities is rabies. While many have a broad understanding of the disease, there are still many questions surrounding rabies. Here are some commonly asked questions about rabies in Silver Spring:

  1. What is rabies? Rabies is a virus-caused disease that is passed from animals to humans. There can be two different types of rabies experienced, paralytic rabies or frantic rabies. When humans are infected, they most often times experience frantic manifestation.
  2. Is rabies contagious? Rabies is not contagious. It is passed from one to another through saliva. With animals, this most often occurs by licking or biting.
  3. How should you treat a bite? If a human is bitten by a wild animal, they should immediately wash the wound. Soap and water should be used for at least 10 minutes, and then medical attention should be sought out. Do not cover the wound until instructed by a medical professional.
  4. How long will rabies last in an animal? The disease can have an incubation period of months while the illness itself will last about a week until death.

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