Raccoons Cause Costly Damage to Columbia Attics

On March 9, 2015 our Columbia raccoon removal professionals received 43 calls from homeowners in Columbia reporting that raccoons are living in the attic. After wildlife control technicians inspected the attics and rooftops of these homes, it was discovered that 5% of these homes had to have the attic insulation removed and replaced due to the damage caused by the raccoons living in the attic for a long period of time.

Raccoons damage rolled-in attic insulation in many ways:

  • They tear it apart to make a comfortable den.
  • They flatten it by walking on it.
  • Raccoons will also designate a portion of the attic as their litter box, so some of the insulation will be covered in their feces.

In many cases, the attic insulation becomes so saturated with urine that the sheetrock or plaster ceiling below the attic becomes stained. Raccoons will also rip open soffits, gable vents, and dormer pockets to gain entry into an attic. Occasionally, raccoons will chew on electrical wiring in attics causing power loss and fire hazards. If you suspect that raccoons are living in your attic it’s important to contact Columbia raccoon trapping professionals (you can reach us at 443-417-3137) as soon as possible. We will guide you in the right direction, and if you have extensive damage, we will inform you how to have your homeowner’s insurance cover the damage caused by raccoons.