Wildlife Removal Services in Reisterstown, MD

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the top choice for Baltimore County animal control services. Reisterstown, Maryland is a nice town to the northwest of Baltimore, bustling with animals and wildlife. But wildlife isn’t something you want on your property. Reisterstown wildlife removal is essential when animals turn into pests that are messing up your stuff. 

Raccoon Removal in Reisterstown

Raccoons like to find their way into attics and chimneys, making themselves at home. Up all night, they keep you up at night with their scratching and burrowing. Not only are they pests, but raccoon information shows that they can actually be harmful to your health. They’re carriers of some major diseases. 

If you see what looks like dog poop in your home, but you don’t have a dog, raccoons are present. Their feces can be infected with ringworm, so call us right away so we can remove the raccoons and disinfect your living area. We also make sure to seal where they’re getting in, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

Squirrel Removal in Reisterstown

Squirrels look cute and cuddly, but their sharp teeth can tear through building material to get inside your home. You hear it scratching around in your walls, either building itself a nest or trying to find its way out. That’s when you call Reisterstown wildlife removal. We pinpoint the exact location of the squirrel in your house.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel may be the one you’re used to seeing around, but the Flying Squirrel is common too. Sometimes they’re more dangerous because they’re smaller and can get into your home through the tiniest hole. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Removal will make sure those holes are patched when we remove the squirrels. We want to make sure your home doesn’t get damaged further.

Snake Removal in Reisterstown

There are 27 snake species, like the Rainbow Snake, native to various places in Maryland. That means there are a lot of snakes that could make their way into your home. It’s important that you contact Reistertown wildlife removal, as it’s hard to tell if a snake is venomous or not by looking at it. The last thing you want to do is attempt to remove a venomous snake on your own.

In addition, snakes may not just be in your home. They have a tendency to invade yards, especially if there are a lot of small rodents to be found. Bushes and trees are common places for them to hide. Reisterstown wildlife removal will be there to humanely remove the snakes and ensure they won’t be back to bother you again.

Bat Removal in Reisterstown

While bats are protected wildlife in Maryland, you don’t want them residing in your home. Bats carry rabies and their guano can be seriously harmful. If you find bat guano, be sure to wear a face mask in that area and call us right away. Only a certified Reisterstown animal removal team is qualified to remove the bats from your home.

We’ll check your attic thoroughly and make sure all bats are removed before sealing any entrances for bats to get into your house. If you’re hearing scratching and fluttering in your attic, it’s time to investigate.

If you need Reisterstown animal removal, we’re the place to go. Call us today at [Direct] or visit our website to learn more about getting rid of your pests.