How to Remove Squirrels from my Silver Spring Attic

The quaint streets of Silver Spring Maryland are lined with lush White Oak trees, American Beech trees, American Elm trees, Red Maple trees, and Sugargum tree. These trees are some of the gray squirrels favorite trees to dwell in particularly during late spring, summer, and into the early fall. Once these trees loss their leaves in mid to late fall gray squirrels are no longer protected from harsh weather or predators like hawks, raccoons and owls so they investigate alternative den sites. As these invasive gray squirrels seek out a winter safe haven they often find their way onto Silver Spring rooftops where they chew through vulnerable areas along the soffit boards, fascia boards, gable vents, or dormer pockets to gain entry into the attic. Silver Spring squirrel control professionals and Silver Spring squirrel removal experts agree that squirrel removal by way of humane squirrel trapping is the only effective method to resolve a gray squirrel problem or a gray squirrel infestation. Many pest control companies in Silver Spring and exterminators in Silver Spring will offer squirrel control services however it is important to choose a squirrel control company in Silver Spring that has experience with squirrel removal and is licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Many homeowners attempt to resolve their squirrel problem on their own and often turn a bad situation worse by sealing up entry holes around the roof without knowing if the squirrels are out or not. In most cases like this homeowners accidentally seal the squirrels on the inside of the attic so then they have to contact Silver Spring squirrel control professionals (202)-557-1443 to learn how to get squirrels out of the attic properly. Once the squirrel removal and squirrel trapping is complete then it’s time to repair the squirrel damage or the holes that the squirrels have chewed through the rooftop. It is never a good idea to repair any holes around the rooftop with mesh because rainwater will continue to get in the attic causing moisture damage to the interior of your home. Silver Spring squirrel control professionals (202)557-1443 have squirrel control technicians that are also carpenters. These technicians have been trained by the nation’s top wildlife control experts to properly seal the entry holes so that no other squirrels, wildlife, or rainwater can get in. To get started with Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for our squirrel removal services for your Silver Spring attic, call us today at 443-417-3137 or visit our online contact page. We are available, so never hesitate to call. We are also available on weekends and holidays as well. Follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Google+PinterestTwitter, and Facebook.