New Freedom Homeowner Discovers Skunk in Window Well

On May 19th a homeowner off of N. 2nd Street New Freedom 17349 was in emergency need of a skunk removal company in New Freedom. She had let her dog out in the yard first thing in the morning and right away the dog began barking uncontrollably. When the homeowner opened the back door to check on the dog the odor hit the homeowner like a ton of bricks. It was obvious to her that her dog had been sprayed by a skunk. The dog continued to bark at the basement window well and when the homeowner approached the dog she saw that a skunk was trapped down the window well. The homeowner had no idea how to get rid of a skunk and especially didn’t know how to get a skunk out of a window well. She called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who is the leading pest control company in New Freedom that offers expert skunk trapping services, skunk control services, skunk odor remediation services, and skunk damage repair. The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control that services New Freedom deals with skunk problems on a daily basis throughout southern York County and has been doing so for nearly 20 years now.

The technician explained to the homeowner that southern York County including New Freedom has a very high population of skunks. He removes an average of 5 skunks from window wells every week. The homeowner informed the technician that she sees several skunks every evening in her yard. He explained to the homeowner that skunks only spray when they feel threatened or in danger. He explained that to get the skunk out of the window well he must slide a special board down the window well which will let the skunk walk out of the well and when he approaches the skunk he must be very quiet and move in a slow gentle manner so he doesn’t get sprayed. The technician slid the special board down the well and the skunk quickly walked out of the well and ran across the yard under her neighbor’s shed. Since skunks are territorial and usually remain in one area the technician knew that the skunk was probably living under the shed. Since the homeowner sees several skunks in her yard every evening she decided to have the technician set live capture traps to trap and remove the skunks from her property. During 5 days of trapping the technician removed 4 skunks from the homeowner’s yard. If you are in need of skunk trapping in New Freedom give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct] and talk to a skunk expert.