Snake removal in Potomac Maryland is in high demand this summer. On a rare occasion Montgomery County Animal Control will respond to a call from a homeowner that has a non-venomous snake in their yard but they will not respond to any calls for snake control in Potomac homes. There is no such thing as a snake exterminator and pest control companies in Potomac don’t know how to get rid of snakes. If you have a snake inside of your home then you need to call a wildlife control company that handles snake control in Potomac Maryland.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the top rated company for snake removal in Potomac Maryland. They provide full service snake control in Potomac and all of Montgomery County Maryland. Last week Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control responded to 43 calls just in Potomac alone from customers how did not know how to get rid of snakes. Six of these calls were from homeowners who had a copperhead on their property. Because copperheads are a venomous snake Montgomery County Animal Control would not respond to the call.

What the snake control expert can do for you

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has a snake control expert on staff that handles all of the snake removal in Potomac Maryland that Montgomery County Animal Control wont handle. The snake control expert specializes in identifying why snakes are entering a home or coming onto the  property. The snake control expert will locate the snake and remove it from your property. He will identify the species and any area on your property that snakes are attracted to. The foundation of the entire home must be inspected to locate any pre-existing gaps or openings where snakes may enter your home.

Why do snakes enter Potomac Maryland homes?

Snakes will enter a property for shelter and food. In the mid part of autumn around late September to late October snakes search for a winter hibernation site. They must find a hibernation site that maintains a certain temperature to keep alive through the winter. The exterior and interior wall cavities of homes throughout Potomac make the perfect hibernation site for several species of snakes that inhabit Potomac Maryland. Black Rat Snakes, Ring Neck Snakes, Brown Snakes and Garter Snakes are the snake species most commonly found hibernating in homes.

These species of snakes also enter homes in pursuit of food. Black Rat Snakes will enter a Potomac home through the same hole that mice use to enter the home. As the Black Rat Snake moves across your yard they will pick up the scent trail of mice. Black Rat Snakes will follow the scent of the mice. In most cases mice will chew a hole close to the ground level however they are known to climb up the vertical exterior walls of homes and enter the home through the soffit or various other vulnerable areas around the roof. Black Rat Snakes are excellent climbers. They will climb up the vertical exterior wall of a homes to find their next meal. As you can see in the photo below Black Rat Snakes will also climb up the wall behind the siding.

Juvenile Ring Neck Snakes are so small they are comparable in size to a string of spaghetti pasta when they hatch from their egg. The super small size of a juvenile allows them to easily enter a home through even the tightest of gaps under doors. The average size of an adult is around 10 to 15 inches. On rare occasion the snake control expert that provides snake removal in Potomac finds one that is 20 inches long but has never found one longer than that. Garter Snakes and Brown Snakes are not as small as Ring Neck Snakes but are still on the smaller slim side. Their slender bodies make it easy to fit into narrow gaps around the foundation of homes.

Just like the Black Rat Snake the Ring Neck Snake, Garter Snake, and Brown Snake enter homes throughout Potomac in pursuit of food and shelter. These species of snakes feed on baby mice, insects, worms, and even other small snakes. The snake control expert for Potomac said he often finds these snake species in basements.

If you find a snake in your yard  or in your home call the snake control expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control (443-417-3137) for snake removal in Potomac.