Most people change the TV channel whenever they see snakes on TV. The situation is worse when they notice the emergence of snakes on their property. The truth is that not all snakes are dangerous and some of them are completely harmless, but their appearance is what makes most homeowners start looking for a solution right away. It is a good idea to learn more about the skin of snakes and their colors and forms, in order to determine what kind of snake you have in your yard. In some cases, their species is crucial for the way in which you should deal with them. If you don’t have time for that or you are really scared of snakes, it might be a good idea to call a professional service provider and remove the snakes from your home for good. As already mentioned, some snakes can be very dangerous. If you get bitten by a brown snake or a rattlesnake there is a great chance that you will experience pain and some health problems. In rare cases, a bite from these snakes can lead to death. A few other snakes typical in the United States are  the cottonmouth moccasin, copperhead, and, coral snake, which are poisonous, and garter snake, that is harmless. It is good to know that snakes like areas that are usually cooler and places with shade. They are usually found in sandy areas, bushes, lead piles, tall grass, compost places, under trash and under logs. Of course, they are fond of the sun and they often go out on the sun. Snakes spend most of the day coiled up and completely inactive. In case you have noticed a non poisonous snake in your home or yard, you should not panic and you probably won’t need to do anything about this because the snake will just stay for a while and leave your property. But, in case you want to lower the chances of finding a snake in your home or if there is reoccurrence of snakes in your area you can take few actions. First of all, you should not have too many shrubs and bushes in your yard especially close to your home. They are perfect hiding spots for snakes. Another good tip is to clean all the trash and junk because this is where snakes are commonly found looking for food. In addition, you should also mow the lawn on a regular basis. Finally, analyze your yard and find any spots where snakes might hide. Remove these spots. We should also mention that snakes really like bugs and small rodents, so by getting rid of insects and small rodents you are limiting their food sources. In addition, you can find many snake repellents on the market or make some in your home. There are also electric snake repellents that don’t cause any harm to the animal and to the environment. In any case, snakes are out and you better watch your step.