Squirrels Invade Attics Throughout Baltimore County

Late December kicks off the first of two mating seasons for gray squirrels. Baltimore County squirrel control companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control are working their wildlife control technicians around the clock in communities such as Hereford, Monkton, and Phoenix. Residents are calling at all hours of the day and night to report that squirrels are running through the attic or a squirrel is digging a hole through the sheetrock ceiling.

Hereford Squirrel Problems

The photo below was taken on Monkton Rd, in Hereford, Maryland. A female squirrel chose this home because the rooftop was easily accessed by the overhanging tree branches. Once on the roof, the female gray squirrel was able to chew an entry point into the fascia board and roof edge because the aluminum drip edge was too thin. The residents of this property did not hear the mother squirrel and her five offspring running around in the attic over the past 6 months. The damage caused by the squirrels was significant and required plenty of repairs including replacing a part of the plywood and shingles, as well as installing a custom-fitted drip edge. Our Baltimore squirrel trapping company came out to remove the squirrels from the property to prevent further damage.

Monkton Squirrel Problems

The home in the photo below located on Corbett Road, in Monkton, Maryland was invaded by a gray squirrel in the beginning of January 2016. This hole is located directly above the home’s master bedroom and the residents were awoken by the squirrels running in the attic every morning around 6 a.m. This home did not have any drip edge, so the squirrels were able to climb up the brick chimney, then chew a hole through the edge of the roof into the attic space. The homeowner quickly contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to trap the squirrels and repair the damages caused by squirrels. Luckily for the homeowners, they caught the problem quickly so the only damage was the entry point the squirrel chewed through the rooftop. After the squirrels were trapped and removed, the roof was repaired to its original state.

Phoenix Squirrel Problems

The photo below was taken on January 19, 2016, at a residence off of Paper Mill Road in Phoenix, Maryland. This corner townhouse was in desperate need of a new roof, which has nothing to do with the squirrels living in the attic. The fascia board of this home was never wrapped in aluminum and has rotted out over the past decade, leaving an open door for pests and wildlife to enter the attic. This homeowner hired our Baltimore squirrel exterminators to remove the squirrels before a new roof and new soffits were installed. Squirrels have been living in this attic for a few years and destroyed the attic insulation by urinating and defecating all over it. The homeowners had to have their attic insulation removed and replaced.

Contact us today if you also live in or near these Baltimore County communities and have problems with squirrels in your attic.