Is Squirrel Control Important in Gaithersburg?

The city of Gaithersburg is a highlight in Montgomery County. The city is home to several markets, museums, community facilities, and parks. With so much open field in the parks found throughout the area, there is no doubt that residents should come across a bushy-tailed squirrel every one in a while on their outings. While squirrels may seem cute and harmless along a trail in a park, they can wreak havoc in your Gaithersburg home should they find their way inside. That is why squirrel control is a must in the city of Gaithersburg. Squirrel damage is a type of wildlife damage that should never be taken lightly. While squirrels are small in size, they can pack a powerful blow to your home by way of a house fire along with other damage. Squirrels are constantly chewing on whatever they possibly can in order to keep their front teeth from growing longer than normal. In doing so, squirrels tend to chew on electrical wiring should they find some in your basement or attic. While most residents tend to ignore the occasional flicker of lights, they should instead take that as a sign of squirrels chewing on wires.

Flickering lights can then lead to serious house fires caused by the chewed wires. While chewing on your wires, squirrel damage also includes the roofing, siding, and beams they chew on to gain access to your home. Once there are openings from squirrels, your home will then be left vulnerable to element damage from rain and wind. Squirrel control is imperative once squirrels have gained access to your home because they will continue to cause damage. Squirrels in attics will destroy the insulation in your attic. Squirrel droppings and constant activity will damage your insulation and leave it useless. When you have discovered squirrel activity in your Gaithersburg home, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for squirrel control. Our technicians are trained to locate the squirrels and remove them humanely. We are able to identify how the squirrels were able to enter your home in order to seal them and prevent future infestations. To get started squirrel control with Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, call us today at 443-417-3137 or visit our online contact page. We are available, so never wait for your squirrel infestation to be handled. Follow us today on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.