Squirrels are probably one of the most common wildlife species you could encounter in Maryland. Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, you can see squirrels chasing each other in parks, munching on nuts and crossing the road in front of your car every now and then. There are two main species of squirrels that thrive in Maryland:

The two are rather different in both appearance and behavior. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the one we’ve just described above—the nut-loving type living high in the trees, but spending most of the time foraging for food on the ground. As for the Flying Squirrel, many Marylanders have never seen one due to the animal’s nocturnal lifestyle.

What you need to know about squirrels is that regardless of the species, they are opportunists equipped with sharp teeth. If there is a chance they can overwinter in your warm attic instead of a chilly tree crevice, they will take it.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control if you suspect that squirrels have invaded your attic, chimney or other areas in your home.