Starting January 4, 2016, Columbia squirrel removal professionals will have to start working double shifts to keep up with the increased demand for removal of squirrels from attics and repair of the roof damage caused by squirrels. Many of the homes in Columbia have wood siding or wood around the soffits, so squirrels are able to chew entry holes. Many female gray squirrels gave birth to two litters of 2 to 6 baby squirrels this past year. And because there was an abundant nut harvest, they are expected to do the same in 2016 also. The first litter of babies are conceived in December or February and are born 45 days later (some time in March or April). The second litter is born between June and August. Often the second litter will stay with the mother through the fall and early part of the winter. Some juvenile squirrels that were born in the winter may produce a litter of their own the first summer. We’ve recently caught and removed one adult and four juvenile squirrels from a home on Stonegate Lane in Columbia. As you can see in the photo below, the squirrels have chewed a grapefruit-size hole in the fascia board. The entry hole can provide many clues about the home and the invasive wildlife. You can clearly see the wood has been chewed through because the large front teeth squirrel has leave distinct markings on the wood.

It’s very important to have a Columbia squirrel removal company conduct squirrel trapping before the squirrel in your attic gives birth to two litters of 2 to 6 babies. Squirrels will also chew new holes in other areas of the roof if their original entry holes are repaired. Squirrel trapping can be done humanely using live-capture squirrel traps. The success of trapping and removing squirrels depends on many things such as the bait used and the location of the traps. Once the squirrel is removed from the attic or walls cavities, the entry holes or damage caused by squirrels should be repaired to its original state by a licensed professional. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is Columbia’s only licensed full-service squirrel removal company. We offer total squirrel damage repair, including roof repair, gutter replacement, chimney cap installation, attic fan cover installation and shingle replacement. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control also offers total or partial attic cleanout and re-insulation for homes that have had squirrels living in the attic for very long time. This Columbia, MD business in the photo below had a female squirrel and four three-week-old babies in the attic. The mother squirrel was entering through an attic fan on the side of the building. A Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control technician humanely removed the mother squirrel and babies and installed an attic fan cover to stop squirrels and other wildlife from entering the attic again. We have also installed a man-made nesting box on a tree nearby so the mother squirrel and babies can remain together until the babies are ready to leave.