The Key to Preventing Siding Damage from Wildlife

The Key to Preventing Siding Damage from Wildlife

In many neighborhoods around Maryland, we co-exist with wildlife like squirrels, birds, and raccoons. Once they start damaging your home, you may want to take action. However, you don’t want to hurt the furry or feathered creatures. Fortunately, they are some simple, safe, and humane ways you can go about preventing siding damage from wildlife.

1. Cut Limbs Away from Your Home

When tree limbs hang over your home, your house becomes an extension of a squirrel’s outdoor playground. They won’t think twice about leaping onto your roof, peeling away the siding, and working their ways into your attic.

Cutting the limbs that hang over or near your roof reduces the temptation. It may save you from roof damage during a storm as well.

2. Seal Your Home

Often creatures damage siding as they’re entering your home. They’re peeling it aside to get into the attic, walls, or basement. They’re scratching it as they scurry up it to their opening.

So remove the temptation by locating those holes and sealing them. But do be sure not to trap a live animal inside your home. A trapped animal does even more damage than one that comes and goes freely.

Preventing siding damage from wildlife frequently involves being aware of what attracts wildlife to your home and eliminating that attraction.

3. Try Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the chemical that makes hot peppers spicy. As a naturally-occurring substance, it’s not harmful to you, your children, or pets in reasonable quantities, as long as you don’t get it in your eyes or nose.

However, please wear latex or other protective gloves and a face mask to prevent breathing too much in because it will irritate your lungs and skin.

While it’s not dangerous, it will make siding undesirable to chew on for the animal. You can find capsaicin sprays explicitly designed for preventing siding damage from wildlife.

Capsaicin works best on raccoons as well as squirrels and other rodents. Most detest the smell and taste of this animal repellant. However, it won’t harm them.

Note, however, that some animals can’t taste “hot,” so capsaicin will not repel them. For example, the following would be unaffected by the heat because they don’t have heat-sensing taste buds and aren’t turned off by the smell:

  • Carpenter bees and other insects
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Feral cats

4. Apply Polybutene

Polybutene is a sticky but otherwise harmless substance. Animals will avoid railings, downspouts, gutters, siding, and other surfaces that have the material on them. You don’t have to put it everywhere. Just target some hotspots of known wildlife activity.

You’ve just informed wildlife that they need to go elsewhere. Preventing siding damage from wildlife is all about gentle persuasion. That said, please note that, unfortunately, polybutene washes off in the rain. As a result, you will need to brush it back on periodically.

The good news, however, is that not unlike training a dog, animals learn from experience. You’ll likely not be surprised to know that animals teach their young similar to human parents teaching their own. In other words, over time, you may need to apply the polybutene less frequently as generations of parents pass on guidance to their young.

5. Place Traps

If you have wildlife living in your attic and danging siding, ask a professional to place traps on the entry points. The next time the animal comes out, they’ll find themselves in a cage. A removal service can then take the animal away from your home and then seal up the entry.

Preventing Siding Damage from Wildlife

Often preventing siding damage takes a multi-faceted approach. Make your home less attractive. Have any existing animals removed from inside your home before sealing it. Safe and humane animal repellents do exist, as discussed above.

If you’re experiencing home or yard damage from animals, the skilled team at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is here to help. We understand the urgency of an animal infestation. Time is of the essence. Therefore, we work to quickly and humanely remove pests while providing solutions to prevent future infestations.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many ways we can rid your home of unwanted wildlife. So give us a call at [Direct] to schedule an appointment.

Columbia Homeowners Want To Know How To Get Rid Of Birds In A Vent

Columbia Homeowners Want To Know How To Get Rid Of Birds In A Vent

Some might think getting rid of birds from a bathroom, kitchen or dryer vent would be easy until they try it but I can assure you it’s not that simple. First of all, you have to use a ladder and depending on how high the vent is determines the height of the ladder. If the vent is for a second-floor bathroom or dryer for second-floor laundry room then you would probably need at least a 24 to 32-foot high ladder. For most homeowners that have never used that size ladder, the height may be overwhelming. For safety reasons I recommend calling a professional bird removal company in Columbia like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. Their technicians are exterior carpenters that have been trained to do wildlife control and damage repair. Each technician has a minimum of 10 years of experience using ladders between 6 feet and 40 feet high. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Controls technicians remove an estimated 233 birds nest from vents in Columbia each month during the spring and early summer months.

Many pest control companies in Columbia will tell you they do bird removal from vents however the quality of work is usually poor, untidy and not professionally done. Most pest control companies will kill the baby birds in the nest. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control will humanly evict the adult birds and remove the nest of baby birds. If the technician is able they will securely place the nest of baby birds in a nearby tree so the adult birds can continue to raise them, they will however if this is not possible transport them to a wildlife rehabilitator where they can be raised and released at the right time. After all the birds are removed from the vent pipe then Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control will thoroughly remove all the nesting materials from the vent pipe and spray a sanitizer to kill any mites or lice that fell off the birds. The final step is to install a bird proof vent cover to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading animal control company in Columbia. Their expert knowledge and superior skills provide the most professional outcome. If you have any questions about bird removal or any other wildlife problems give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [DirectNumber].

Be Aware Of Pest Control Company Scam Tactics

Be Aware Of Pest Control Company Scam Tactics

I live off of Sligo Creek Pkwy in Silver Spring Maryland 20901 and I am writing this to warn anyone about certain pest control companies that are trying to scam homeowners that have a problem with squirrels in their attic. From the middle of January until the end of February I was home from work because I had a knee replacement surgery. During the second week in February I started hearing scratching noises in my attic and I couldn’t climb a ladder to investigate. Years ago I had the same experience in a different house and it turned out to be squirrels. Also, my neighbor called me to let me know I have a hole in my fascia board in the front of the house that can be seen from the front yard. I contacted a Silver Spring pest control company that I have an annual service contract with to come out and do an inspection to determine how many holes the squirrels have chewed through and to give me an estimate on trapping the squirrels and sealing up the entry holes. The nationwide pest control company that I have an annual contract with sent out a technician who proceeded to inspect my attic but he never put a ladder up around the rooftop to see if there were any more holes other than the one in the fascia board that was visible from the front yard. I asked the technician why wasn’t he going to put a ladder up to inspect around my rooftop and he told me that squirrels never have more than one hole. I instantly know this was not true because I had a Squirrel problem years ago in another home I lived in and there were 2 entry holes. The technician proceeded to give me an estimate for $4,500 and told me that I had to have all the insulation in my attic removed and replaced with new insulation because the squirrel had urinated and defecated all over my attic. I knew that the squirrel had only been in my attic for about 2 weeks and since my attic is about 1,000 square feet I also knew that it was impossible for a squirrel to urinate and defecate throughout the entire attic in such a short period of time.

I decided to call a company that specializes in squirrel removal in Silver Spring. At the recommendation of a neighbor, I contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. The technician arrived on time and immediately put a ladder up around the rooftop to inspect for holes that the squirrel may have chewed through. After the representative for Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control completed the inspection around the rooftop and in the attic, he gave me an estimate for $345 dollars to remove the squirrel and seal up the two entry holes that he found while he was on the rooftop. I was shocked considering that the other company gave me an estimate for $4,500. I told the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control about the pest control company that told me I had to have my attic cleaned out and re-insulated because there were squirrel urine and feces all throughout the attic insulation and he laughed. He said that there is little too no squirrel feces. He then told me that I do not need my attic insulation replaced with new insulation and that many of the larger pest control companies use scare tactics on customers so that they sign the contract to have an attic clean out and re-insulation done even though they do not need it. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of squirrels and is the best squirrel removal company in Silver Spring. They removed the squirrel and repaired the entry holes within three days. They charged me less than 8% of the cost the nationwide pest control company was going to charge me. I would like to say a big thank you to Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for being honest and for doing a fantastic job. For our services, call [DirectNumber] today.

What’s Making Noise In My Attic?

What’s Making Noise In My Attic?

Frustrated Towson homeowners that have been kept awake all night by noises in the attic call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who has been the leading expert for pest control in Towson, Maryland for over a decade. Towson is an old community with lots of old nuts producing trees so nine times out of ten squirrels are usually the culprit making the noise in the attic. Squirrels in Towson, Maryland often have two litters per year depending on the food supply each year. If trees produce an abundance of nuts this year (and it is predicted that they will) then two out of three females will have a second litter. Female squirrels have become accustomed to giving birth and raising their young in man-made structures like attics because the young are protected from harsh weather and predators. About a week before female squirrels give birth they will start to build their nest. Female squirrels usually have 2 or 3 nesting sites so they can move their babies in case the nest becomes infested with fleas or mites. Towson squirrel removal companies often find 2 or 3 nesting sites within one attic. A female squirrel might build a nest in opposite corners of the same attic. Squirrels that are nesting in townhouse attics may use the gaps in the soffit to move back and forth between neighboring attics and they will frequently move their young from one attic to a neighboring attic. A female squirrel chewed a hole through the vinyl siding and plywood on the side of an end unit townhouse on Southwick Drive, Towson, Maryland 21286. As you can see in the photo below this squirrel was determined to get in. After gaining entry into this homeowners attic this female squirrel worked tirelessly to build a nest overtop the homeowner’s bedroom on the attic floor near the front soffit. The homeowners reported hearing scratching noises on and off for hours until finally, the squirrel had punctured a hole through the sheetrock ceiling. The homeowner was lying in bed and watched in horror as the squirrel punctured the hole through the ceiling. The homeowner immediately ran from the bedroom and called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. An hour later a Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control technician arrived and installed a one-way door over the entry point to allow the squirrel to safely leave and not re-enter. At the homeowners request the technician also installed a nesting box on the large old oak tree that the squirrel was using to access the attic.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has been providing expert solutions for animal control in Towson Maryland for over a decade. Your call is welcomed no matter if you want to schedule an inspection because your hearing noises in the attic or if you simply have a wildlife control question. Call now at 866-784-8058 for Towson MD squirrel removal services.